Watch Nash and Me on NBC’s Saturday Today in New York here!!

as become a real cheese head. Maybe he is a Packers fan. It is amazing, as he can be asleep in my bed, and no matter the time of day, if I open the fridge and take the cheese out before I can even turn around, I hear the click of his paws on the hard wood floors, and he comes raising into the kitchen before the fridge door even shuts! What sucks is I was getting some cheese out as a snack for me, and now I have to share it. I will give Nash a little cheese treat, and cut a few pieces for me. Put the cheese away head into the other room, sit down, and he will stare at me, and even though I am blind, I can tell he is giving me a hey dude, what’s with eating my cheese look! I guess Nash and I will both have to learn how to share.

If you missed Nash and me on NBC’s Saturday Today in New York, or are not local to NYC, you

can view it on youtube, here is the link.

Not to shabby for a blind guy to be able to get the show transferred from my tivo to my computer, converted from a Mpeg4 to an avi file, and then edited down to just our segment. Makes you wonder what I could with full sight? Don’t answer as I think about that question way to often.

Well, October was shaping up to be a slow month for us, but now it is looking like it could be our busiest month of the year. That is a good thing. I don’t want to talk about anything until it is official, as I seem to have a way of jinxing things when I talk about them before they are over. We will however be back at Guiding Eyes on October 15th, I think we will be speaking. Funny, I always say we, yet Nash never does any of the speaking, it’s always up to me to do the speaking while he just sites there being cute and all. Hey Nash, you are going to have to start getting by not just on your looks, or ok, just keep doing what you are doing and all being cute if it is working for ya!

One Response to “Watch Nash and Me on NBC’s Saturday Today in New York here!!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I am so impressed that you were able to get the clip from the Today Show in NY on your blog. Incredible!!!

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