Nash’s First Recital and I Hate Fantasy Sports!

Well, should I start with the good or the bad? Lets start with the good, on Friday night, Nash went to his first piano recital. A friend of mine’s wife is an amazing piano player, and she is getting ready to play at Carnegie Hall. They had a bunch of people over to their place on Friday night as tune up for the Carnegie Hall show, so Nash and I headed over. We had an interesting bus ride, as what I assume was some crazy homeless guy of course sat down right across from Nash and me on the bus. He kepy dropping F bombs directed at Nash. What was I to do? If I said something, I assumed it would only cause more problems, as I wasn’t exactly dealing with a rational individual here. What kind of a guy curses at Nash? There were some people sitting next me, but they kept moving, as this guy was pretty annoying and a tad frightening. I just bit my lip and kept making sure Nash was tucked in by me. He even was saying your not blind, I’m blind. My blood was boiling, but I kept a cool head. I was thinking what if he comes at Nash, and my only thought was if he does, I’m just going to start swinging at him, and I assumed eventually someone would come to our aid. Luckily it didn’t come to that, but it was the first time in the 15 month’s that Nash and I have been together that I even had to have a thought like that cross my mind. Luckily the guy didn’t get off the bus at the same stop as me, which surprised me, as I thought he was going to the piano recital too! After an eventful bus ride, we got to my friend Kevin’s, had a few drinks, and then the concert began. Wow, was she amazing. Nash seemed to enjoy the music and was on his best behavior. I knew he would be on his best behavior, but I had to think some people were thinking Oh God, is that dog going to bark during the performance? No one heckled her while she played away, and Nash laid on my feet and of course stared at all the poople munching away on cheese and crackers. Hey, he wouldn’t be Nash if he didn’t give the puppy eyes to everyone while they were eating!

So it’s that time of year, fantasy baseball playoffs and the start of fantasy football. Hey, to a blind guy who loved playing and watching sports, fantasy is all I have left, especially now that I can’t see baseball or football games at all. So, I have ten fantasy baseball teams, I know that sounds like a lot, but actually after the drafts, there really isn’t much to do except set your weekly lineup. I play in a league where you sign players to 1, 2, or 3 contracts, so it is a lot of fun as you build for the future. This was supposed to be my year, as I cruised to the playoffs in seven of ten of my leagues. This past week was the first week of the playoffs, and of course, almost everyone of my teams puts up their worst week of the season, and it looks like I am going to lose all seven games. Unbelievable. This infuriates me, as I figured I would win at least two or three of the leagues. I hated losing when I could play sports, and used to yell at the tv when I could watch sports, Nash stopped my yelling, as he gets upset when I yell. He actually gets in my face to make sure everything is ok, and I haven’t yelled at a game on tv in over a year. Of course, I did yell at the computer today, and on cue, Nash came over, got in my face and was like what’s with the yelling dude? Oh and of course today, I put up the second most fantasy football points in my league by 50, and just like in life, I get screwed, as the guy I am playing puts up ten more points than me. I am beginning to lose my patience with fantasy sports. Thanks to the man upstairs as he is taking yet another thing away from me. Oh well, hopefully this will be a good week in the real non fantasy world, as we are waiting to hear back on a bunch of things.

One Response to “Nash’s First Recital and I Hate Fantasy Sports!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Did you know that this is National Mental Health Care week? Just sayin’….

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