Nash Needs To Learn To Get By On More Than Just Looks@

Those of us who have met my guide dog Nash, or have seen pictures know what a looker he is, but I think being such a good looking pup has gone to his head! Every day people are always commenting what a good looking dog he is, or saying to him “you are such a gorgeous guy!” Well, I have notice d lately that Nash has gotten a little sloppy with some of his work. I am not sure if this all falls on me, as I have lost a lot of vision since we were introduced 17 months ago. We still work well together, and I couldn’t imagine my life, or getting around without Nash, but we are definitely do for some additional training. I do let people pet Nash at times, and maybe that has caused him to take a step backwards, as he does always want to say hello to people, and it is only going to get worst, as the rest of the year is going to be fast and furious.
It’s amazing what a difference a year can make. Last year at this time we were getting ready to host Laugh For Sight 4 on November 16, and not sure where we were headed after that. Flash forward to today, we have gotten past Laugh For Sight 5, and we have some pretty exciting things coming up. On October 12, Nash and I will fly to L.A. Our fourth time out West this year. We will be filming a tv show on October 13th, sorry details are still secret, but trust me, I will blog about it when I can. We film all day on the 13th then fly back to NYC. On October 15th Nash and I head up to Guiding Eyes For the Blind where we will be speaking at a dinner, and also Nash and I will get to do some retraining. Then on October 20th we fly to Miami, as we will be performing at a benefit in South Beach called Ability Explosion on October 21st. Then it’s a few days of R and R up at my parents, and on October 26th Nash and I fly back to L.A. We will be in L.A. for about three weeks for a bunch of meetings, and for the inaugural Laugh For Sight L.A. at the Melrose Improv on Novemer 9th. We will be announcing some pretty big details in the coming week about the inaugural LFS L.A. We will fly back to NYC in mid-November, get caught up on all our shows on tivo and pay some bills. Then it will be a fun family Thanksgiving at my sister’s in New Jersey. We will then fly back to Florida with my parents after Thanksgiving and Nash and I will be heading out on a cruise from December 5th. The cruise goes to Cozumel, Belize, and The Grand Caymans. We get back from the cruise on December 12th, and will stay in Miami as we prepare for the inaugural LFS South Beach on December 17th at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. Comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are already attached for this benefit, and we will be announcing one more comedian in the coming weeks. Wow, going to be a crazy busy few month’s. We also have a few other announcements that we can’t talk about yet, but should be able to do so in the coming weeks!

Tomorrow or Tuesday, I am going to head over to the Apple store to test out the Ipad, as I am going to need to be reachable while traveling, and I am hoping that it is easier to type on them on an Iphone, as we want to be able to blog about all of our adventures, so stay tuned!

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