Great, Nash suffers from RPS!

Nash and I spend a lot of time napping. Since he likes to nap in my bed, I have come to realize something, along with his allergies, Nash suffers from RPS! Restless Paw Syndrome! I realized that Nash first suffered from RPS a few weeks ago, as he was sleeping, and he had his head on my chest, and his paws started running in his sleep. When I started to think back over the past year that we have spent together, I recalled that he often kicked his paws in his sleep. We were told at Guiding Eyes that this was very common, and that dogs often dream about running, and kick their paws while sleeping, well, I saw a commercial for us humans about Restless Leg Syndrome, and I put two and two together, got five, and realized that Nash must be suffering from Restless Paw Syndrome. Unfortunately, at this time there is no cure for RPS. Maybe we should start lobbying the equivalent of the NIH for dogs, and maybe we can get some grant money to find a cure for RPS, as 1 in every 2 dogs suffer from RPS! Although it it not a life threatning ailment, it sure as hell is cute.

Nash set a record this morning for times faking me out that he was doing his buisness. It’s a good thing that the vet told me that dogs don’t get backed up because I thought Nash was doing his best impersonation of a dog being backed up. I had to kepp feeling his back to see if it was curling like a J, as that is how I know he is doing his thing. Well, he must have done this about seven or eight times before actually doing anything. I am convinced he just likes messing with me!

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