It’s A Good Thing Nash is Not A Vampire!

One of the many fun things about going blind and being blind is you can’t see where you are going. Outside of my apartment Nash has the job of leading me around, inside he gets to be a regular dog, as I have the layout of my apartment down, and use my hands to go between rooms. I live in a studio apartment, and it is pretty wide open, no coffee table, as I kept getting to many bruises on my shins. OUCH. This morning, someone rang my doorbell over and over, it must of startled me because I jumped out of bed. I was a little disoriented as I headed to the door, and WHAM, I ran smack into the corner of a wall. I hit the wall so hard, it knocked me off my feet, split my nose open, cheek and some how my elbow. It also gave me a nice whip lash. Nash was a loyal guy as he was on the floor next to me. I was pretty bloody so it is a good thing that Nash is not a vampire, or he would have feasted on me. By the time I got off the floor whoever was at the door was gone. So now a few hours late, I have a bumped nose that hurts, a sore neck and headache, and a cut on my elbow which Nash tried licking, maybe he is a vampire, I will have to monitor him over the next few hours, well at least there is a Yankees double header today because the day couldn’t have started much worse.

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