I Think Nash Thinks Everything is A Game

I was brought up wrong, as I brought up to believe April Showers Brings May Flowers. Not the case. It should be April Hot and Humid Brings May Cold and Rainy. I know, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, and I’m not complaining as I do prefer the cold overcast rain to hot and humid. I can take the rain in the 50’s, it is when it is in the 20’s and lower that I can’t take the rain. After both of Nash and my jaunts outside today he was nice and wet. I go to get the towel to dry him off, and if you have been reading my blog you know that Nash likes to act like a bull as soon as I take the towel out, he’s like ole, ole, and keeps running through the towel which makes it adventurous to dry him off. He even snarls while he does it, and it really can tire me out. Well today both times when I went to dry him off, not only was he ole’ing me, but he got one of his bones and wanted me to dry him off and play with his bone at the same time. Sorry Nash, I only have two hands. He even knocked me on my keester during one pass. Do you have any idea how difficult is to dry a dogs paws while he is playing with a bone and flipping it in the air? Not the easiest of tasks. Since it is supposed to rain all day and get even worse later, I imagine that I will get to do this at least two more times today. Never a dull moment with the Nashster.

One Response to “I Think Nash Thinks Everything is A Game”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    glad to be caught up again with your blogs. Nashy might have been doing his “ole” thing because his grandparents were in Espana!! Ever think of that? He is verrrrry smart.

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