A Clean Apartment Makes a Happy Nash!

I don’t mind cleaning, but being visually impaired, you obviously miss a lot of stuff, and it is amazing how dusty an apartment in NYC can get. I guess my apartment had gotten past the point of saying, well, if I don’t see it, it’s not there. and the doctor thinks all the breathing issues have come from dust and dog hair in my apartment. I do vacum every few days, but it is still amazing how much I miss. I used to have a cleaning lady that would come in every now and then, but she didn’t speak English, and this became a problem. When you are blind or visually impaired, you have to be able to communicate with people, or your life can be made a living hell by the smallest of things. For the past year,  I have been trying to find a cleaning lady that one I could afford, and two speaks English, so that way I could explain that when you pick something up to clean it, you have to put it back in exactly the same place, or I will never find it. It’s like having a guest over, and you tell them to put their drink in one of three places, otherwise it will get knocked over by me, not Nash. Sure enough, they put it some place other then where I specified, and I find it and knock it over. Can’t tell you how many times that has happened .Well, today, I had the cleaning lady, and she was here all day, and did a fantastic job. Nash was definitely curious, as he did follow her around for a bit, but then eventually settled by me, and let her work, just periodically looking up to see what was going on. It almost seems sometimes like he is trying to protect me, as I was sitting on the couch, and the cleaning lady was to the irght, and Nash would rest his head on my right leg, then she would be to the left, and Nash would rest his head on the left leg. Always keeping one eye open, and making sure I was ok. I think Nash is enjoying the newly cleaned apartment, he hasn’t had any complaints, and so far so good, everything I have looked for is exactly where it should be. I did always find it funny when I had a cleaning lady before and she would rearrange my medicine cabinet ,and refrigerator. Why do they do that, don’t they think we like the way things are, that is why they are that way. Well, busy day tomorrow, so a brief blog today.

2 Responses to “A Clean Apartment Makes a Happy Nash!”

  1. Lona Says:

    glad all went well for you and Nash with your cleaning person. I saw Tracey today and she said you will be out on Fridya. so I guess nash will get to go on the railroad. Love to hear about that. nash will love sina but has to learn not to lick so much yeah right like tht will ever happen.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Sorry, I can’t help it if he is a very happy dog. The customer service person at NJ Transit said he looked like the happiest guide dog she had ever seen.

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