Nash pants

No, I did not get Nash pants, and I am not wearing pants with Nash on them, or the awful thought, I did not make pants out of Nash, ugh. It was so unbelievably muggy and humid today, that Nash was panting like I have never seen or heard before. We had a couple of morning meetings, and we got off the subway at 23rd St. Well, at 23rd, they have those revolving subway exits, not great for dogs to go through. It actually took me about five minutes to get Nash to go through which is odd because he has gone through that one several times. Luckily the subway was really slow, so we were able to take our time, and eventually get Nash through the revolving turnstile safely. Not sure what he was afraid of, but every time I tried to start pushing the turnstile, he would back up. Probably not a great idea for me to go through the turnstile and then Nash next, as he is smart, but I don’t know if he is smart enough to turn the entire turnstile himself.

Our first meeting was at Gotham Comedy Club, and the entire staff seemed to know Nash. I think he is quickly becoming bigger on the comedy scene then me. Then we had another meeting which I thought was right around the corner, but as usual, I forgot that Broadway is on the east side in the lower 20’s, so we had quite a hike from 8th Avenue. Nash and I both needed the exercise, so I didn’t mind except for how muggy and humid it was, he had a great pace for most of the way, and when we got to our meeting, they were very kind to give Nash some water. We had another good meeting, and then began the hike back to 8th ave, and home. Nash reminded me of the little choo choo that could, as he was really going put put put half the way back, and he even had some water unlike me, then again he was working, and I was just walking.

We finalyl made it home, and Nash was panting real heavy, but I had been told that is the way dogs perspire, so I wasn’t too concerned. Shortly there after, I gave Nash his afternoon water, and all was fine. Then I began the fun part of my day, I spent the next seven hours on and off the phone with customer support with trying to get the website up and running and the email accounts. Well, by 9pm tonight, with a break to walk Nash in between, we finally got everything done. Woops, I forgot to eat dinner, but not to worry, I did feed Nash on schedule and walk him. I guess I take better care of him then myself. There was a little bit of yelling at the computer today, as it was like putting a puzzle together and getting one more clue every time I called customer support. Why they couldn’t have told me everything the first time, would have saved me a lot of aggravation and time. The website is pretty basic right now, but will hopefully have more info in the next day or so. The cool thing about Nash, every time I yelled out at the computer, if he was beneath me, he would pop up and make sure I was ok, or if he was in his bed, he would walk over to see if everything was ok, or maybe he was trying to say, hey, you want to keep it down, trying to sleep here dude!

4 Responses to “Nash pants”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    You have become a real dad to Nash….he gets fed and water…that’s all that counts!!!!

  2. Lorraine Says:

    I love to read about how you and Nash are working and living so well together. I couldn’t be happier for you both.

  3. ria Says:

    just found your blog. Also have a guide dog – actually going for my FIFTH in two weeks. Nash sounds terrific. He has to be very special to negotiate NYC. It wears us out when we’re in the big apple.

  4. blindgator Says:

    Yes, Nash is quite the special guide dog, and he loves NYC, lots of things for him to stick his nose into. Good luck with your next guide dog and training.

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