Nash and I must walk really fast!

Nash and I must walk really fast, as we were walking down the street today, and we set a car alarm off, as we walked past a parked car! Maybe Nash was in hulk mode, as he was pissed off, as we were coming back from the pet store, and they were out of Nature’s Choice Lamb and Rice. Nash was pouting all the way around the store, stomping his paws like a little kid who doesn’t get his way. Ok, so maybe it was me who was pissed off, and there was no stomping, as Nash was too busy getting compliments from the other customer’s on what a cute dog he is. Not to worry, I still have food for Nash, and they are getting a shipment in tomorrow. Also on our way back, it started drizzling, and Nash slowed down, he really seems to like the rain, hopefully he will not be the same way in the cold freezing rain and snow, as I know, I will want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Nash did get a little sniff crazy in Duane Reade today. I was waiting for a prescription to be filledm and was sitting in a chair waiting for it, and Nash kept trying to dart underneath the chair I was sitting on. It wasn’t like he wanted to calmly sit underneath the chair, he was trying to get at something, and something tells, when they do clean the floors at Duane Reade, I doubt they actually move the chairs to get whatever might be underneath it. I know the employee’s probably don’t get paid that well, and if their cleaning is like the customer service, those chairs aren’t moving and getting cleaned underneath, so I wasn’t going to let Nash get at it.  Off to New Jersey tomorrow, and it will be Nash and my first time on a lengthy train ride alone tomorrow, so that should be interesting, and I don’t think I have ever mentioned how much I hate NJ Transit, it is the worst, and there is zero customer service at Penn Station to help a blind guy get on a train, so I guess Nash will have to read the train number out to me. Should be interesting.

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