Nash and my triumphant return to Guiding Eyes For the Blind!

This past Saturday Nash and I headed back to Guiding Eyes For the Blind for the first time since we graduated over a year ago. We were there to tell our story to the Lions Club whose main fund raising initiative is blindness and guide dogs. So first, a very special thank you to all those who donate to the Lions Club. We were there to talk about my life, visionzone, and my experiences with Nash, my guide dog. I started out addressing the crowd of over a hundred people with a nice little joke that I am not going to tell you here, as I plan to use it again when I speak publicly, so you will have to come out some time. I spoke about being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, my journey through life living with RP, making the emotional and psychological adjustments to walking with a cane, moving back to the blindman’s paradise of New York City, getting in to stand up comedy, the founding of Laugh For Sight, coming to terms that my vision had worsened and realizing that I needed to step up to a guide dog, my experience at Guiding Eyes For the Blind, of course some cute little Nash stories, reentering society as a guide dog handler, the Visionzone experience, filming the short film and my current involvement blogging and their great help with the expansion of Laugh For Sight nationally, and of course more stories about Nash. I spoke for about 15 minutes, and had the crowd laughing when they should be laughing and sighing at the emotional portions of my speech. Overall, it was a very good experience, and the speech was very well received. They surprised me after when they asked if I minded taking some questions. Sure, why not. There were lots of great questions asked, and I am glad I didn’t use any F bombs in my speech as there were a bunch of kids on hand. What’s wrong with the word Farfanoogan? Remember that 80’s commercial campaign? They ended up having to stop taking questions, as people just kept asking them, which was nice, as it meant my speech was well received, and people still wanted to know more about Nash, me, my experiences, and VisionZone. After the Q and A, a bunch of people came up to me, and Nash and I took a bunch of pictures and I thanked people for their very kind donations. Hey, I wish I could donate more money, but unfortunately, I have more time than money, so I give back in other ways.

Nash had a great time being back at Guiding Eyes, but I was a little worried that he was going to be like, what, are you returning me? He got his nails clipped, and even got a bath, and even though he wasn’t dirty, now he is all nice and fuzzy, and smells even better than he did before. My Aunt and Uncle even popped by, as they don’t live far from Guiding Eyes, and I really think they just popped by to see the Nashster. Hey, I can take and know that he is the popular one out of the two of us, and no one really wanted a picture with me, it was all about Sir Nash A Lot!

2 Responses to “Nash and my triumphant return to Guiding Eyes For the Blind!”

  1. Robbin Says:

    Having a dog is such a great way to keep the ol’ ego in check, isn’t it? I return from a vacation and everyone at work says “Hey, Erie (yes, that’s my puppy’s name), you’re back!”


  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Loved your blog Brian. I guarantee Aunt Lona and Uncle Donny also came to see you……they knew you first. Better watch out for Robbin…she is pretty funny!!!

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