John Oliver of The Daily Shows Joins Laugh For Sight 5!!

We got some great news as John Oliver from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be performing at Laugh For Sight 5 at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC on September 20, 2010. He joins legendary comedian Robert Klein and Jessica Kirson, and we will be announcing more great comedians for the lineup as soon as we have them confirmed. We also got some good news on the silent auction front as Harley-Davidson will be donating to the silent auction. No, they will not be donating a motorcycle, but rather merchandise, because after all, blind people can’t ride motorcycles. We are in full gear hitting corporations up for sponsorships and donations for the silent auction for Laugh For Sight NYC, and national involvement.

Nash and I will be speaking to the Lions Club at Guiding Eyes For the Blind this Saturday. I guess I will be doing most of the speaking. We will be talking about how a guide dog has improved my life, and if you are visually impaired, and don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. The lifestyle compared to walking with a cane is greatly improved, and even the biggest ahole is nice to a guy or girl with a guide dog. I will also be talking about Visionzone and the positive affects it has has on my life, and of course promoting Laugh For Sight. The perfect trifecta of topic’s to spread the gospel about.

So, anyone ever go clothes shopping with a guide dog? I have. Poor fella, had to see me with my shirt off. Unfortunately, I am not in the kind of shape where anyone should see me with my shirt off. Don’t I put Nash through enough with all the travel and being on stage, shouldn’t he not have to see me with my shirt off? Unfortunately, I am to blind to tell if he put his paw over his eyes when my shirt came off. And I know what you’re thinking, how did you and a guide dog fit into a dressing room? Hey, I live in NYC, and a tiny little apartment, so the dressing room was about half the size of an NYC apartment. An airplane bathroom is a quarter of the size of an NYC apartment. I do however spare Nash the small space of an airplane bathroom, as I have the flight attendant hold his leash when I go in, and don’t worry I don’t ever use portty potties. Yuck. You don’t even have to be a germaphobic not to want to use one of those. When you are blind the whole public restroom thing is an experience you want to skip. If I have an emergency, I try and find a five star hotel to go into because you can refuse service to a blind guy and his guide dog!

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