Nash is not telepathic!

I was laying on the couch this afternoon, enjoying the Yankees thrashing of the Rays, and C.C. Sabathia’s almost no hitter, and Nash was lying in my bed, and I decided that I wanted some company, and wanted Nash to come over.  Instead of calling Nash over, I decided to contact him through my mental telepathy. I kept thinking, come over Nash, come over Nash, come over Nash. Well, I am sorry to report that Nash does not have mental telepathy. Or maybe, maybe I am not telepathic, and he is. I guess this one is a crap shoot.

Nash and I had dinner with Kelly and Andre from Optelec last night. Since they were in my city, they let me choose the restaurant, so we went to Patsy’s on 57th street, the best Italian food you will get in midtown. I also learned that Patsy’s was Frank Sinatra’s favorite restaurant in NYC. I had the chicken parm, which was incredible. For those of you not familiar with Optelec, they are the company that I shot the short film for in San Diego, VisionZone. They are the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of products for the visually impaired. Their latest product, the compact mini, which they gave to me, allows me to be able to see my mail, and read menus, so I did bring it with me, so Andre and Kelly could see their product in use. Although, I was able to see the menu, I really didn’t need to, as I knew I was going to order the chicken parm before I even got to Patsy’s,. What can I say, it is one of my favorite dishes. The compact mini did help me read the menu, and without it, I would not have been able to see the menu at all. We had a very nice dinner, and did discuss a few possibilities for the future, so you will have to check back at a later time to read what may be in store for the future.

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