You Need To Be Tough To Be A Guide Dog!

Nash and I are now eleven months in to our relationship, and I have learned a lot about dogs and guide dogs, and one thing that hit me recently is that you really need to be tough to be a guide dog. For example, when your blind owner sits on you, you need to be able to shake it off, and say that’s ok, your blind. When he accidentally steps on one of your paws when you are working, you need to be able to stay focused continue working, and say that’s ok, you’re blind. When he is putting on his sneakers, me not Nash, and Nash comes over to lick your feet, and accidentally gets a little love kick to the head because I don’t see him there, Nash needs to say, that’s ok, you’re blind, and you are putting your sneakers on to walk me. When you are in your apartment and playing around, and you run in front of me when I get up, and accidentally get stepped on, you need to say that’s ok, I understand, you’re blind. When the blind rolls over you in bed when you are both asleep, you say that’s ok, you’re blind and an unbelievably restless sleeper. Nash has to put up with all of this and he still loves to sit on my feet, have me hold his bone for him to chew, licks me after every meal, and still works very hard for me. I guess Nash is one tough cute lovable guy.

3 Responses to “You Need To Be Tough To Be A Guide Dog!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    If Nash could talk (& I am only guessing he can’t) he’d say the same about you!!! Just wait until it is twelve months together.

  2. blindgator Says:

    The funniest thing is our one year anniversary is April 29th, and if you watch the show FlashForward, that is the day that everyone FlashForward’s to. So that is now 3 televisions shows hitting close to home, including 24 where Jack had a shootout a block from me, and a Lost Flash sideways that took place a half block from where I was staying in L.A. Strange.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    very. Let’s see what April 29th brings!!

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