Dinner with the Puppy Raisers

Been dealing with a severe toothache, so this blog is a little delayed, and no, the tooothache isn’t in my fingers, but when you have a severe toothache, it makes your whole body ache. I didn’t even watch Lost last night, not to worry, I have it tivoed, and today my tooth is fine.

Saturday night, Nash and I headed over to Matt’s Grill, I kept telling him this wasn’t going to be just a regular night at Matt’s Grill, there was a big surprise for Nashee. I don’t think he got it, althrough he was pretty upbeat when we got there. It was pretty empty, so we grabbed our usual seat at the bar, and waited for Nash’s surprise. Although, I don’t think he knew there was a surprise coming for him, he did keep sitting and looking out the window. Hey Booboo, maybe Nash is smarter than your average bear? Of course he is.

At about 630, Nash got really excited, as Lorraine and Richard, his puppy raisers walked through the door with their current puppy in training, Abner. Nash recognized them immediately, as he popped up to say hello to them. Funny thing was, even though Naomi the bartender knew I was meeting someone, she was so surprised as she was like what are the odds that two people with guide dogs come in. Hey to her credit, she was busy. Even though Nash was extremely excited to see Lorraine and Richard, he was pretty well behaved since we were in public, although one brief time, he did try a little leap up to Lorraine. That was the first time he has ever leaped when he wasn’t supposed to, and considering the circumstance, you can’t really blame him. I was just very happy that he wasn’t barking because he was so excited, and luckily, they know me at Matt’s Grill, so it was an appropriate place to meet. After saying our hellos, Nash did calm down, and relax at my feet. He was curious about who is this Abner guy with Lorraine and Richard, and at first we had to keep the two of them seperated, as they were both curious, but by the end of the evening they were practically laying on top of each other and not making a sound .I guess it is all about giving them time to adjust and adapt.

Lorraine and Richard were as thrilled to see Nash as Nash was to see them. They commented on how good Nash looked as he has lost weight, since he had put some on. Not really sure how he put the weight on, but I am just happy that he is back to his slender normal self. I even let Lorraine hold Nash’s leash for a little, and one of my only concerns about Nash seeing Lorraine and Richard was that he would want to go home with them instead of me. Sorry guys. It was great to hear that when I did step outside with Richard, that Nash was looking right out the window at me the whole time. I guess we have bonded quite well.

It was a very nice evening, and thank you guys for dinner. I and Nash enjoyed seeing the both of you very much, and it was great to finally meet Abner, I guess he is kind of like Nash’s step brother. Abner is a black lab, and he had a different kind of fur then Nash, and yes, Nash and Abner were the big hit of the evening, as people kept coming up asking if they could pet them, and a few people even snuck in a quick stealth pet on their way out the door. I guess they thought Lorraine was blind to. I should have brought my old cane so Lorraine could have wacked those sneaky stealth petters.

We hope we see you guys again soon.

5 Responses to “Dinner with the Puppy Raisers”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    sounds like a great evening. Lucky you and Nash to meet Abner and see Lorraine and Richard again. How long will they have Abner???

  2. blindgator Says:

    They only have Abner for a few more weeks, and they will be getting their third dog pretty soon.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    what great dedication. Will they be able to follow Abner like they’ve followed Nash??? If not, it will be hard….

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    We had a great time at Matt’s with you and Nash. It was great to see you both again. Nash looked really great. I was really pleased and honored that you trusted me with your valued partner while you and Richard stepped out for some fresh air. I’m also really proud of Abner who started out quite excited but was lying back to back with Nash by the end of the evening. I would love to give a huge shout out to Matt’s Grill and John the evening bartender. Such a welcoming environment, especially when Abner blasted in. The food was great too.

    Abner is scheduled for his IFT (In For Training) assessment on April 6. He will go in a few days before that to give him a chance to acclimate to the kennel environment.

    I doubt if we will ever be as blessed as we are with Brian with any other future blind handler. Knowing and keeping up with Brian and Nash has really made the raising experience so much more meaningful by being able to have a regular view of Nash’s work and the difference he has made in Brian’s life. Plus, there will never be anyone as funny as Brian!

  5. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Lorraine: I agree with you about Brian. He is lucky too, that you guys are in his life.

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