Excuse me, I’m blind, is there a blizzard?

The weather report said there was zero visibility in NYC today, so how is today different then any other day? Oh, I see said the blind man, the weather report isn’t just for me.

I have been told that Nash is really more white then yellow, so he must have been blending in quite nicely with the blizzard today. We took a little stroll around the block, and the secret to walking with a guide dog in a blizzard in NYC is baby steps. I think I was walking at a similar pace to my one year niece, Siena. I wanted to enjoy the snow, and usually Nash enjoyes the snow, but he didn’t seem to like it to much today, maybe because it was coming down sideways, and he didn’t like the way it was hitting him.

Nash did shovel snow on me today. He was clearing out a space to go to the bathroom, and he started kicking snow backwards with his hind paws, and I’m like, “hey, what did I do, I didn’t throw any snowballs at you this time!” I guess he was beating me to the throw snowing. Smart guy.

It was still coming down pretty hard the last time we were out, and I was amazed that it seemed to be more slush then snow build up on the sidewalk. Hopefully there will be a good amount of snow left over tomorrow for a nice walk, as today, I didn’t really feel comfortable crossing streets with the visibility being so bad, I felt it best to just walk around the block. Nash of course was trying to lick all the snow, and I kept telling him, “look, your almost three, you need to stop trying to eat everything, especially stuff that will make you sick!” He still has to put everything in his mouth.

Tonight, I was sitting on the floor with him, as Nash seemed like he wanted some close attention, and I was trying to get him to play with one of his toys that he likes to stick almost all the way in to his mouth, and then have me play tug with the little bit sticking out. It was funny because Nash had his front paw over my arm, and the toy in his mouth, he would put it in my hand, and then tug away, and I couldn’t really get a grip because his paw had my hand, and I couldn’t really move it. Not sure how this was fun for him, or much of a challenge, but he kept putting the toy in my hand, and then would pull it out a split second later, then put it back in my hand. Bizarre.

Well, we got one more journey out into the snow tonight, and I know Nash really hopes it is coming down, as I think he just likes getting toweled off when we get back inside, as he thinks it is a game, and he likes running back and forth between my legs, and having me run the towel over him. The problem is, I normally end up soaked.

5 Responses to “Excuse me, I’m blind, is there a blizzard?”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    glad Nash was enjoying the snow. I certainly hated it…Siena never made it to Florida due to flight cancellations. Snow is not fun when it spoils your fun! Thanks for the call

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes, I know how disappointed you were, sorry, but hopefully the blog about Nashee’s snow day lifted your spirits a little.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    It did. Your blogs always make me laugh or smile with warm fuzzies!!! Keep warm and enjoy.

  4. Michelle and Troy Says:

    What a funny dog you’ve got! And yeah… Like you’re able to see any better when there’s visibility! lol.

  5. blindgator Says:

    Yes, he is quite sily, I just wish he would stop eating the snow on the ground, he is almost three, and should know by now that it is going to make him sick

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