I had to get one Christmas gift, and I forgot to do that!

As Kyle once sang on South Park, “it’s so lonely to be a Jew on Christmas.” Well, not exactly, as it hit me a little late, but Nash I believe was raised Christian, so he probably wanted to celebrate Christmas. Sorry buddy, ba hum bug, I didn’t get a tree, and I didn’t think about until it was to late, I didn’t get you a Christmas gift. How about a belated Christmas? We did have a nice day together, as we had lots of play time, and as usual, Nash seemed very happy. We went out for a walk early Christmas morning, and it was like a post Apocalypse NYC, I loved it. There were no cars on the street, it was quite, and there were very few people. I always said NYC would be so great if it wasn’t for all the cars and people.  Go figure, I hate crowds, yet I live in NYC. I guess I am just an enigma.

We did have Chinese food on Christmas, well at least I did, and we did watch a movie, the Jewish Christmas. I saw the movie the Express, about the first black Heisman Trophy winner, a very good movie, but the movie made me realize that I am now old. I wasn’t born when the story took place, so you ask how did it make me feel old? Well, when I was a kid, I enjoyed Dennis Quaid as the Heisman Trophy winning running back in Everybody’s All-American, then when I was in my 20’s, I enjoyed Dennis Quaid as the washed up Quarterback being pushed out by the younger guy in that Al Pacino football movie. Now that I am in my 30’s, Dennis Quaid is playing the COACH! So yes, I tell my age according to what football character Dennis Quaid plays in a movie. I call my theory, age related Quaid.

Yesterday, Nash and I celebrated Boxer Day by getting together with my sister, her husband, and my niece Siena for dinner. Does that make me more Canadien than Christian since I did more with family on Boxer Day? We went down to a restaurant on the lower East Side. It ends up it was the restaurant where my sister and her husband had their first date, and of course, they didn’t want to let Nash in. The guy kept saying, “no dogs, no dogs”, and I guess he didn’t understang the phrase guide dog. They did let us in, and people wonder why I never go to the lower East side. It’s funny, because we were eating dinner pretty early, and there was only one other table in the restaurant. Siena was a little social butterfly, as she had to go up to everyone in the restaurant and say hello. Unlike Thanksgiving, she is over her fear of dogs, as she really liked being around Nash, and kept coming up to him. Nash eventually gave her a big lick, and she didn’t cry. Nash was on his typical excellent behavior, and sat by my side. He did keep trying to get to the food that Siena was throwing on the floor. I thought that was really nice of her, as Nash wasn’t going to eat dinner until we got home, and Siena was the only one who wanted to make sure that Nash got to eat with us. The cutest thing besides Siena was that I kept getting her to say the letter “B”. I got her to say it over and over again, as a lot of my friends just call me B, but unlike Siena, I think my friends can pronounce Brian. I got Siena to say it like a hunged times. The second cutest thing was I was in the back of the car with Siena, and when we got dropped off, and were getting out, Siena began to cry, so I think she really likes her Uncle Brian and cousin Nash.

We got home to some real disappointing news. I was wondering why my phone kept ringing, as I did not answer it in the restaurant and car. Ends up, our coach from Florida, who is the best coach in college football had quit. He had only been there five years, had won 2 National Championships, had just won 22 in a row up to the very disappointing loss in the SEC Championship game against Alabama. He quit for health reasons, so if that is true, you really can’t be mad or blame the guy. I am very skeptical in this day and age, as you always here rumors. We have never heard anything bad about Urban Meyer, so hopefully with some rest, he will be fine, and maybe he will come back to Florida one day, but in the short term, there goes the dynasty, and we had the number one recruiting class, so I wonder how many of those recruits we will lose.

I ended the day watching a very crappy movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. I really with if there was a higher intelligence out there, that they would come down to earth and stop Hollywood from making such bad movies. It would save me a lot of time.

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