Filming an interview for Guiding Eyes For the Blind today

Nash, my four legged sidekick, thanks Bev for that one, I told you I was going to steal it, and I are filming an interview for a Guiding Eyes For the Blind promotional video today. I am not really sure what the context of the interview will be, but anything I can do to help Guiding Eyes, I am on board for. We will be filming the video at Gotham Comedy Club. Gotham has been so great to me over the years, opening their doors for us to host Laugh For Sight there every year, and allowing me to use the clubs for all kinds of interviews.  I guess Gotham makes a more interesting backdrop that the wall of my studio apartment. If you haven’t visited Guiding Eyes website, please do, and sign up for their mailing list at

Guiding Eyes not to be confused with Guiding Light

It’s funny, I live two blocks from Times Square, yet I have never been to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. It must have something to do with the crowds, as I live in NYC, yet I hate crowds, go figure.  Not sure what Nash and I are doing for New Year’s, as I am not a big New Year’s person, as I have celebrated it in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Los Angeles, so I think it has kind of lost its luster. I did try and stay home a few years ago as I had a cold, but the damn helicopters over my building were so loud that I couldn’t even hear the tv, and when you a blind, hearing the tv is kind of important. I would love to just make the rounds in the neighborhood, but the tourists crash in on our bars and restaurants making them too crowded to go into, so we shall see. I am pissed because one of my favorite things to do is veg out on New Year’s Day and watch all the bowl games, and just my luck, I have Time Warner Cable, and could be losing Fox on Jan. 1, and of course most of the good bowl games are on Fox. Damn greedy execs at Fox and Time Warner, you know the consumer will get screwed in this. Fox will end up getting there dollar a month per subscriber, and Time Warner will find a way to justify raising its customers rates 10 bucks a month to cover the dollar. Go figure. The worst part is I might have to find a bar that has satellite as my Gators play on Fox New Year’s Day Eve. None of the bars I frequent have satellite, so I will have to find a new bar, and you can imagine how crowded bars that actually get the games will be.

Well, I got to get ready as the Guiding Eyes crew will be here soon. Will let you know how it goes.

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