87.7 The Pulse of NYC to be at Laugh For Sight 4

We received some great news a few days ago, as 87.7 The Pulse of New York City will be helping to promote Laugh For Sight 4 and have a van at Laugh For Sight giving out prizes to arriving guests. Robert Klein, Eddie Brill, Rich Vos, John Morrison, and I will also be doing interviews on 1010 WINS, 87.7 The Pulse, XM Comedy Radio, The Dr. Blogstein Radio Happy Hour, 103.5 KTU The Best of NY,  The Huffington Post, and more. So if you haven’t, get your tickets now, at http://www.laughforsight.com, or by calling Gotham Comedy Club at 212-367-9000 to make your reservations for the November 16th silent auction and comedy benefit.

Nash doesn’t seem to be getting excited for Laugh For Sight yet, but I am sure he will be thrilled the night of the benefit. I am thinking about getting him a black tie for the benefit. Where would one get a dog a black tie, and how do I measure his neck size? I’m sure Nash would look fantastic all dressed up. Although, my one experience trying to get him to wear a Yankee hat did not go to well, as he hated having it on, and got it off pretty quickly.

Nash and I had a really bizarre experience last night. Nash was going to the bathroom on 53rd Street, and a horse came galloping by us, and I didn’t think there was anyone riding it. I have been searching the news for a run away horse in NYC, but have not been able to find anything. Has NYC gotten so strange that a run away horse does not even make a headline anywhere, or did a blind guy and his guide dog not notice that there was someone riding the horse? I guess this mystery will have to go down with the Kennedy assassination, Bigfoot, and the Lochness Monster, as I could have sworn that no one was riding that horse, unless maybe it was a headless horse man, it is getting near Halloween after all.

7 Responses to “87.7 The Pulse of NYC to be at Laugh For Sight 4”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    When Nash was 6 months old, he won “Best Costume” at the Guiding Eyes Finger Lakes Region annual Halloween party. He was The Great Pumpkin. He wore an orange down vest on which we had drawn a Jack-O-Lantern face in black permanent marker and “I’m Sincere” written on the top. So cute. I have been trying to get pictures from people who were there but haven’t had any luck so far. We are struggling to come up with a costume for Abner who is a black lab. Suggestions welcome.
    Can’t wait for Laugh For Sight 4 and the chance to see you and Nash if possible. I know you will both be very busy. There will be 5 of us from the Finger Lakes Region driving down for the event.

  2. Ann Walko Says:

    Brian, Sorry but I’ve been lurkng on your blog for quite some time. I’m a former Guiding Eyes puppy raiser. I changed jobs a few years ago (left my self employment running a small airport for a desk job, but hey – I’ve got health insurance now!) so I can’t raise, but volunteer on weekends at the kennels in Patterson and participating in the Ambassador program. To get to the point, I’ve put a webpage that has bow tie collars for sale. I hope it works for you. I put the link in both the “website” field and below, but below it broke up into two lines, so not sure if you can get it to work.

    Thanks for the peek into your world! (the partner of the one dog I raised and graduated has never contacted me)

    Ann from Maine, working in Greenwich Connecticut


  3. Lorraine Says:

    I forgot to mention that we stuffed a pillow under the vest to make it really round and pumpkiny. So cute.

  4. blindgator Says:

    Hey Lorraine, That sounds so cute. I am not a big Halloween fan, in fact, the past several years I have stayed in, because people assumed the cane was my costume. Not sure what I will do this year if anything. I’m surprised Nash liked wearing a costume, as he hates the booties and hated when I tried putting a dog hat on him. Crazy week, and things will be crazy until after the benefit. That is great that you will be able to attend Laugh For Sight, Nash and I are looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Barbara Fischler Says:

    perhaps Nash just believes costumes (and clothes) are only for Halloween!

  6. blindgator Says:

    The thought of him as the giant pumpkin is pretty cute!

  7. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I hope that Lorraine gets that picture for us to see

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