I guess blind people aren’t supposed to use ATM’s!

For those of you familiar with my stand up routine, you know that I have a very popular bit about being blind and using the ATM, and how great it is to be able to enter my secret PIN in braille, but then not being able to enter the on-screen commands. Well, Citibank and Chase have installed new ATM’s recently, and while my sighted friends tell me they are very sleek and futuristic and aesthetically pleasing, lets just say they are not very visually impaired friendly. I finally had learned how to use my local ATM by memory, and today, Chase installed new atm’s which are impossible to use for the visually impaired. The keypad is very sleek, and there are too many buttons to remember where all the numbers are, and while I can see a little, the screen is so faint, that I cannot read it all. Citibank also recently changed their atm’s, and you cannot tell the difference between the number buttons. It’s great to see that with all of the modern technology being implemented, the banking industry has done nothing to make is easier for visually impaired people to use the ATM’s. Instead, they have made it more difficult. Wow, am I glad my tax dollar’s bailed them out. Thanks a lot Chase and Citibank. Maybe I should open a bank chain only for the visually impaired. And while I’m on this topic, I would like to thank Congress for acting so quickly in implementing the changes to the U.S. monetary system to help the visually impaired. I remember hearing a few years ago that the Supreme Court had order Congress to change the bills to be more usable for the visually impaired, and had expected them to implement this in a timely manner. It’s good to see that the Supreme Court is taken so seriously when they order a ruling. I know it takes a while for a big change like this, but it has been at least three years since I heard about this ruling.

Nash, what kind of a Yankee fan are you when you fall asleep for most of Game 2, and snore so loud that I have to turn the tv up for the extra inning affair. I think Nash even had his back to the tv for most of the game. Come on buddy, you’re almost 2 1/2, time to shoe your Yankee pride. Maybe he will be more up for game three since it is an afternoon game.

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