Nash has been Furminated!!

Nash’s Aunt Lona got him a furminator, and we broke it in today. It was my first time using it, and hopefully it will help us get more of his loose Nashy hairs out instead of piling up on the floor, and contributing to my breathing issues. Yup, I am still dealing with the breathing issues, as I think there is just a ton of Nashy hair in my pad, even after vacuming again the other day. Nash just isn’t happy unless he is shedding. I think he thinks shedding is a hobby. I may have used the furminator incorrectly the first time, as I usually groom Nash with a comb, and then a brush. Today, I just went straight to the furminator, and I think I may have had to comb him, then brush him, then furminate him. Not clear on that, but am looking into it, as  I ran into some knots, and the furminator did not make Nash happy, and he normally loves being groomed. I have to be careful not to get smacked in the face with his tail when I am grooming, that is how happy grooming makes Nash, as he thinks like everything else, it is a game. As I was typing this, Nash just got annoyed with me. A lot of times when I am on the computer, I seem to sit on one foot underneath me on the chair, and Nash is underneath my chair, on my other foot and chair, well, my foot eventually falls asleep in this position, and I have to put it back on the floor. So, I just did this, of course, carefully so as to not step on Nash, but it took some manuerving, as to not disturb Nash, and I got it down, but a split second after it was down, Nash got up, backed up, stared at me, and then went over to his bed. Sorry buddy, but daddy has to be comftorable to. Wow, I never could have imagined ever writing that much about sitting on my foot!

Nash and I had to go to the bank today to have a check drawn up for the PR firm that we are hiring for Laugh For Sight, as we sign with them tomorrow, and like our previous visits to the bank, Nash was quite curious. He kept looking around and scoping things out again making me think he was a bank robber in a previous life. The teller had to come out to help me sign the check, and I think she was afraid of dogs because she kept saying let him know I am coming over to you, is it ok if I come next to you? I should have said to Nash, Cujo down, which I would have, but the teller was actually very friendly. Which brings me to yet another of my pet peeves ,idiots who talk on the cell phone while someone is helping them. The guy who was at the next teller was talking away real loud on his cell phone the entire time the teller was helping. Let me reiterate, as I have stated this before, when someone is helping you, there is no need for you to be talking on a cell phone, unless you are a doctor and it is emergency, and the worst part was he was a loud talker, actually the worst part was he thought he was an important loud talker. In all my experiences, I have learned, if someone is talking real loud in public, it’s not because they are a big shot, rather they want people to think they are a big shot, it usually is caused by a short coming in a certain area of the male. This guy was asking his buddy, “so, you been working on any films? Oh guess, who lives in the building I just moved into on 56th and Broadway, P.Diddy and Daniel Craig, but Daniel Craig is working on a show in England.” Take two things from this, the guy doesn’t know P.Diddy or Daniel Craig, and two, if you are a thief, no one is hom at Daniel Craig’s! I hate loud cell phone talkers. I guess manners and being respectful of the person who is helping you are a thing of the past.

3 Responses to “Nash has been Furminated!!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    boy your parents really taught you right…(oops I guess that means me) Love you. Mom

  2. blindgator Says:

    Or I have a really low tolerance for really loud annoying assholes!

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I’d prefer to think it was the former….but then again we all have low tolerances for really loud annoying a–holes!!!

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