Nash wanted to know where Brinkley was?

Nash and I went out to meet my cousin’s Erica and Jessica at the bar Social yesterday. Nash was really curious when we first got there, as I had been to the bar several times, but it had been a year or two. I think Nash wanted to know where their dog Brinkley was? Sorry buddy, but you are special and get to go to bars because you are a guide dog. Brinkley is special too, but must be a recovering alcoholic because he doesn’t go to bars. We will have to schedule a play date for them to see each other, but not at a bar. Jess was a little upset because Penn St. lost. It was not a good week for my other cousins at they are also big Penn State fans and alumni, but also Phillies fans. Of course, it was a good week for me, as the Yanks won the series and the Gators won again, but looked terrible doing it. They say its better to win ugly, then to lose pretty, and it got me thinking, I can’t think of one example of one of my teams ever losing pretty. Where the hell did they come up with that expressio?


We got a big week ahead as Laugh For Sight 4 is a week from tomorrow, and we still need to promote, promote, and promote so we can sell as many tickets as possible. Everything for Laugh For Sight 4 is pretty much set, the only thing left to do is get people in the doors and get as much media coverage for the benefit that we can, so help spread the word, and pass along our site where people can buy tickets.

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One Response to “Nash wanted to know where Brinkley was?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Can’t wait! One week from today!! I thought about you yesterday when I pulled up to the ATM and saw they now have a headphone jack. I didn’t have any headphones with me so I couldn’t try it but maybe there’s hope for your local ATM situation.
    See you Monday!

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