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Nash and My First Staycation

June 23, 2012

Wow, I never in a million years thought I would use the phrase Stacation or actually take one. So I am not even a hundred percent sure that I am using the phrase correctly, but I guess this weekend is my version of what a Staycation would be. And I do apologize in advance if my using of the term Staycation is spelled differently throughout this blog, as when you are blind using voiceover and have spell check enabled, sometimes you end up with some bizarre spellings.

Living out in Hell, Queens, Nash and I try to get away from home as much as possible. We do venture in to the city a lot, but not as much as either of us would like to. When ever we do venture in to the city, it is a round trip. So it ends up being a fairly long day. This upcoming Tuesday we will head in to the city for a doctor appointment, and we will have to head back. The last time I went in to the city for a doctor appointment and spent about 45 minutes with the doctor, it turned in to an 8 hour trip, so you can imagine that it can be quite annoying. This weekend a good friend of mine is here in NYC, and his company is putting him up in a hotel, The W, and we have plans to get together, and thankfully, he suggested Nash and I just stay at his hotel, so we wouldn’t have to worry about what time we headed home. Wow, a hotel in the city, and the W. This should be fun. Our Staycation will just be a typical night out in the city. We are meeting at my old local bar Matt’s Grill, and then will go from there, probably hit a few of the old local hangouts, and who knows, maybe even might venture in to some place new. I kind of prefer going to places where they know Nash and me, because even though it is illegal to refuse service to someone with a guide dog. A lot of the time, you still have to deal with an issue. Which is definitely strange because Nash is a giant cutie, so maybe they are just attempting to refuse service to me.

The great thing about getting away from home for the evening besides not just having to worry about what time and how I am heading home is a day and a half away from the planes. Oh my God the last two months it has been brutal as the planes fly directly over head every 34 to 45 seconds all day and night. Yup, I counted it. Then there is the neighbor who must either be going for a record on longest home improvements or is just the world’s worst home improvement project planner. Amazing how much noise they can make. It doesn’t help that the walls here must be paper thin, and even though they tell me the windows are double paned glass it must be the cheapest double paned glass ever used because I can hear people talking outside on the sidewalk of the apartment. That doesn’t annoy me, but when you do a lot of writing, you actually have to concentrate and focus what you are working on. The only quiet time, and this is if the worst neighbor I have ever lived next to isn’t banging away on something is from about 1130pm to 430 am. Needless to say, my hours have really gotten way off, as I need my quiet time. But for the next day and a half, we will not have to deal with any of this as Nash and I take our first Staycation!