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Someone Tell Nash There Was A Time Change

November 5, 2012

Now we all love Nash, as he is a very lovable guy. His cuteness won’t even register on the cuteness meter as it is to high. However, I do have a pet peeve with the guy. One of Nash’s little OCD habits is to start nudging me at around 4pm for his six pm dinner time. He does this every day like clockwork. Every day at 4pm Nash will start headbutting me with a lets go, feed me. I have to tell him it is not even close to his dinner time. If I had a four pm appointment I wouldn’t even have to set an alarm because Nash would be that alarm.

And it doesn’t stop with just the one headbutt. He will nudge me for about two hours and is like lets go what are we waiting for, feed me. It has gotten to the point where it is comical and I laugh because he knows he doesn’t get to eat dinner to six p,, and on the rare day where I might lay down to rest for a few minutes, Nash will hop into my bed and ram me with his head, as if he is telling me, don’t even think about falling asleep this close to my dinner time. He will then flop down in the bed and slap me with his paw. Don’t get me wrong I am not in an abusive relationship or anything, as Nash’s pawing at me is more playful than anything. Sometimes, after pawing at me, Nash will get up jump out of the bed, and head towards the kitchen, only to have me laugh, so he runs back and jumps into the bed giving me another headbutt. It is all very cute, but seriously Nash, every day?

So what happened today? Instead of beginning his nudginess at 4pm, you probably guessed it, as I was sitting at my desk working away, I got a headbutt at three pm! Hey Nash didn’t anyone tell you there was a time change?