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Were Gonna Need A Bigger Bed!

December 15, 2009

It is no longer my bed, it is our bed, Nash and me. He loves to get into my bed before and after our last walk of the evening.  Now during winter, he is even learning more, as I lay on the couch watching tv with my big comforter from my bed. Since Nash started getting into my bed, he would be in it before I would get in it, and I would throw the comforter on the bed before going to bed and I would have this big lump of  Nash underneath my comforter. Then before getting into bed, I would have to get Nash to scoot down to the foot of my bed, and come out from underneath the comforter which would take some time. One night, Nash was even laying in my bed like me, he was underneath the comforter with his head on my pillow, and the comforter covering him from his neck down. It was ridiculously cute, and I wish I would have taken a pic of it. Well, you ask, how is he learning. Tonight Nash was in my bed. Then he got out shortly before I was ready to go to bed, came over to the couch, got into his bed, and waited. I shortly there after went and threw my comforter on my bed, and a split second after doing so, Nash went and hopped into my bed. It was like, ok enough of this covering me with the comforter, I’ll just wait you out. He is a smart guy. The only problem I forsee is summer time, as Nash is pretty warm, and I think him sleeping up against me is going to make me way to warm, so I to steal a quote from Jaws, and change the last word, “Were gonne need a bigger bed.”

Nash and I also did some good route work today working on breaking his sniffing habit. He did a pretty good job, but could do a better job, as he did try and sniff a few to many times. I am now walking with the leash in my right hand so I can get a better feel of when Nash’s head drops to sniff, and immediately hit him with a leash correction.

Nash was also very interested in sniffing everything in sight in Duane Reade. Why is it come holiday time, Duane Reade feels it is necessary to cover every square inch of the store with displays of crap people don’t need to buy? Going to Duane Reade is like a blind man’s obstacle course, and I have yet to make it through without knocking something over.


The exciting conclusion of the blind guy who let his guide dog sleep in his bed one night!

November 4, 2009

I was taught that once you let your dog sleep in your bed, there is no going back. So last night, I when I laid down in my bed, I was anxious to see what would happen. Would Nash immediately hop into my bed, and be like move over dude you’re on my side? Or would Nash go to his bed as if the previous night had never happened? I guess somewhere in between was ok. I got into bed, put Seinfeld on, and all of the sudden, I thought we were having an earthquake in NYC. Hey, I lived in L.A., so I am use to tremors, and not the awful movie. I put my hand down next to my bed, and Nash was cuddled up against my bed frame. He was rocking back and forth. Whem, no earthquake in the city. One thing I was happy to leave behind in L.A. It was pretty cute, as it was like Nash was saying, calm on, invite me up to your bed. Unfortunately, I could not appease Nash, as I do not want him to get into the habit of sleeping in my bed with me. After a few minutes, Nash retreated a few feet over to his bed, and settled in, and he too fell asleep to Seinfeld.

Nash is getting fed up with me, as I keep doing radio interviews, and he only does tv! He’s big time. I was on BlogTalk Radio last night promoting Laugh For Sight 4, and today, I met with Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS radio to record an interview for the benefit that they will be airing to promote the benefit. She is a sweetheart, and will be hosting the benefit. Amazingly, it has been a long time since I have been heckled on stage, as I think people are a little afraid to heckle a blind comic, especially one with a vicious looking attack dog like Nash. Kidding of course for those of you who haven’t seen any pictures of Nash, he is so cute and friendly, he makes Snoopy look like more of an attack dog than him. Well, as we were recording the interview, some drunk bum walked up behind us, and pretty much began heckling us. Good thing I don’t typically perform in front of drunk bums. Will be interesting to see how much of the interview with the bum in the background makes it on air.

Nash and I met my friend Jewel later today. Seems like we were in and out of Starbucks all day. For someone who doesn’t like Starbucks, I sure do seem to spend a lot of time there. We then went for a walk, and it ends up there is a vet around the corner, so I went in and got Nash weighed. He has put a little weight on, so someone will be joining me on a diet. It was surprising as I am really careful not to let Nash be fed by anyone but me, so I am not sure how he put the weight on as he has been getting a regular amount of exercise. So we both will be getting more exercise, and hopefully Nash will be back to his slender self soon. Wish us luck.