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Those Seats on the Bus With Extra Leg Room Aren’t First Class!

November 29, 2011

Nash and I have been heading in to Manhattan quite a bit these days. Living in Queens, we have discovered that the easiest not the fastest way to get there is via the Express Bus. For those of you who have only taken the regular bus around New York City, let me tell ya a little about the express bus. They are quite a bit smaller than the regular bus. The aisles are quite narrow very similar to the aisles on an airplane. That being the case, Nash cannot sit i nthe aisle, as no one would be able to get past him and on and off the bus. Now on the express bus there are about three or four rows for people with disabilities. These rows have a little bit more leg room. That way if someone in a wheel chair gets on the bus, the bus driver can collapse the row in front of it, and the wheel chair rider can fit on the bus. Now if someone with a guide dog gets on the express bus, they and their guide dog can fit in one of these aisles. The regular seats a person traveling with a guide dog cannot fit in as there isn’t enough room for a guide dog to squeeze in, and I have already established the problem of having your guide dog sit in the aisle.

The day before Thanksgiving, Nash and I headed in to Manhattan, we got on the express bus which is never filled to capacity. However, this day, all of the aisles that Nash found, as he has gotten excellent at seeking out the rows he can fit in were taken this day. I politely asked, “would someone in one of the rows with extra leg room mind moving?” Of course no one said anything. So again, I tried politely asking if someone would move. Of course nothing. I got a little frustrated, as there were plenty of rows for people without guide dogs to sit in. And yes, the people sitting in the extra legroom aisles spoke English, as when I get to one, I ask is anyone in here, and yes, people acknowledged me. You would think if someone wasn’t going to move for me, they would see the cutie Nash and at least move for him, but nope today the day before Thanksgiving, no one was in a giving mood. Finally after standing there, I let loose with, “You know you people sitting in the rows with extra leg room, that isn’t first class seating they’re seats for people with disabilities!” Still nothing. Unreal, the day before Thanksgiving. I thought people were suppose to get nicer around the holidays. Needless to say Nash and I made it in to the city ok, we just had to keep moving every time someone wanted to get off the bus, and we really slowed that bus down, as we were in almost everyone’s way wanting to get off the bus. We have to take the express bus again today, will be interesting to see what happens this time.