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Happy Only Three Years to the Apocalypse Day!

December 21, 2009

It’s 12/21, and several groups have predicted the latest end of the world apocalypse to be 12/21/12. The Mayans, Hopie Indians, Nostradamus, and scientists have all predicted something terrible to happen on 12/21/12. I just hope its not as bad as Y2K. What a disappointment that was, it was like a big budget movie with amazing coming attractions that just goes nowhere. So lets examine some of the info on the upcoming apocalypse. Most people point to the Mayan calendar ending on 12/21/12 as a warning to us that the world would end. Of course they designed this calendar like 4000 years ago, and I have put a lot of scientific research and study and come up with an amazing hypothesis that people brighter than me need to investigate. My theory you ask, what if the Mayan who designed the original calendar ran out of rocks while designing the calendar when he came to 12/21/12? I mean he had to be using rocks to design a calendar that ran 4000 years, how many rocks could they have? I assume they had to keep some of the rocks to use as weapons to defend themselves. Maybe they used to many rocks to design the calendar, and didn’t keep enough to defend themselves and that is why they became extinct? Something to look into.

Now lets examing Nostradamus. I do not recall what his quantrant says about 2012, and I am sure you can look it up somewhere online, but come on, how many times did this guy predict the end of the world? Yeah, so he did get some things right, but how many things has he missed on? I still do find it pretty interesting that he did supposedly predict Hitler and 9/11, and a lot of other calamities. He had to be a lot of laughs at a party. All that gloom and doom, I am surprised his head didn’t explode from all the stress.

Finally, lets explore the scientific phenomeon that will take place on 12/21/12. Our solar system will be in perfect alignment meaning that our sun will appear exactly in the center of the milky way, an event that happens once every 26,000 years. My question, where did the notes come from from the last time this event took place? Like I have said before, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am pretty sure they don’t have any written date from 26000 years ago, and last time I checked science was based on fact.

In conclusion, I am kind of curious will the end of the world be a time zone specific event? Will China and Japan be hit first at midnight on 12/21/2012 and will the apocalypse than move West across Asia, Europe, and eventually hit North America? This is something you never hear about, because after all, it will be 12/21/12 a lot earlier in China. If all of this is true, I am just pissed that California will get hit last, it just isn’t fair that they out last us New Yorkers by three hours. I am just so very happy that the creationists and evolutionists can finally agree on something, the shit is going to hit the fan on 12/21/12!

My Favorite TV Shows of the 2009-10 Season

December 9, 2009

Since Nash is keeping me up by hogging too much of my bed, I figured I would start on a new list. Since my vision has deterioated, I really can’t seem to follow movies anymore, as the action seems to move to quick. Also, they seem to be making better tv these days with continual story lines, and I have become a slave to my tivo, so here’s my list in order with a little blurb. You won’t see any CSI’s, NCIS, Cold Cases, or Law and Order’s on this list, as those shows all seem like the same thing to me, different week. Unfortunately, no Eli Stone or Dirty Sexy Money on the list because the morons at ABC canceled those shows.

1.Lost – Hands down the best show on tv. It is the most thought provoking show on the air, and I am so sad that this will be the last season, as there is nothing else like it on tv.

2. The Big Bang Theory- The funniest show on tv. The entire cast is amazing. Jim Parsons comedic timing, facial expressions, and mannerisms are pure gold!

3. Rescue Me – It just keeps getting better and better. Another amazing ensemble cast, led by Denis Leary. I love how every character has flaws.

4. Burn Notice – Michael Weston would kick James Bond’s ass!

5. Sons of Anarchy – Wow, season two was intense. The final two episodes were amazing. Charming, the most violent town in America.

6. Curb Your Enthsiasm – Please Larry David, one more season. I want to be a lovable asshole like Larry David, or at least have his money.

7. Lie To Me – Great story lines. Tim Roth is fantastic. I just hope it gets picked up for 2010.

8. Castle – A very unique original take on the detective dramedy. And the only thing sexier than the name Stana Katic is her! Again, I hope it gets picked up for 2010.

9. Two and A Half Men – Not as funny as it one was, but still good for some weekly laughs. And wow, who is the actress that plays Charlie Sheen’s fiance. Where has she been all my life?

10. Pysch – This season was not as good as the past, but still a very funny show, and I love all the movie references.

11. Family Guy – What do you know the show can survive without Cleveland! Long live Stewie and Brian!

12. 24 – I thought this past season was awful. Here’s hoping the upcoming season hasn’t “Jumped the Shark!”

13. Numbers – Funny, I am awful at Math, yet I love this show. Rob Morrow is truly one of the most underappreciated actors.

14. FlashForward – Still not completely sold on this one yet, as I think it can be great, but still needs to wow me. I am enjoying a lot of it, but not sure if they know where they are going.

15. Californication – Duchovny is fantastic, and I wish I could be as cool as Hank, and as laid back!

16. Gary Unmarried – Its hit or miss with this one, but getting to see Paula Marshall every week doesn’t suck, and with the lack of sitcoms out there, this one makes the list.

17. Mad Men – I don’t know why I haven’t bought into this show like everyone else, I am still a season and a half behind, so it may move up the list.

18. Entourage – Having worked in the movie biz for four years, this one brings back good memories and bad. And it gave us, “Hug it out!”

19. Chuck – Entertaining. I always enjoy a geek in a good spy story.

20. Royal Pains – Funny, I hate the Hamptons and hate the Hamtons crowd even more, but I like this show.

21. Leverage – Got to love a bunch of bad guys doing good and scamming worst guys in a Robin Hood style.

22. Smallville – Not sure why I keep watching. It is entertaining every now and then, but Siperman without Lex Luthor, just ain’t Superman.

23. Supernatural – Talk about unleashing hell! Another show that is hit or miss by episode.

24. White Collar – This show only had 7 episodes but it really caught me, especially the big cliff hanger ending, can’t wait for it to be back in January.

25. Monk – The plots were always weak, but Tony Shalloub made up for it. It had runs its course.

26. Big Love – Not a huge fan, but I do watch it.

27. Fringe – Still waiting to see where they are headed with this one. It’s no X-Files.

28.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Another show that is hit or miss, either really funny or stupid.

29.Damages – The first season was really good, the second, not so much, should be interesting to see where the third goes.

30. New Adventures of Old Christine – What can I say, I love sitcoms, and this show is hit or miss, but more miss.

Shows That I Have Yet to Watch or Make A Decision On

Accidentatly on Purpose, The Good Wife, Heroes, CougarTown, The Vampire Diaries, The League, The Forgotten, Heroes this season, Modern Family, V, Melrose Place, Brothers