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Lou Gehrig May Have Been the Luckiest Man On the Face Of the Earth, but I met the Dumbest Man On the Face Of the Earth!

July 10, 2012

Nash and I headed in to the city today, and what a relief as it was not for a doctor appointment or a hospital visit. We did start out going to the Animal Medical Center, but not for a Nash check up. We had to pick up his allergy meds. Unfortunately, they weren’t going to be able to fit him in to get his nails clipped. When we got to the dispensary only one set of Nash’s pills were there. Yup he is on two kinds of allergy pills. Poor little guy. They paged his vet, and she came out, and I snuck in a by the way, any chance you might be able to clip his nails? Of course, how could anyone resist the Nashee, and she was very kind to fit him in. His nails had gotten real long which was a problem, because when I would lay down with him within two hours of his feeding time Nash smacks me I assume telling me not to fall asleep as it is in the two hour window of his dinner time. I don’t mind the playful smacking, but the nails had gotten a little painful.

After our visit to the Animal Medical Center we headed over to the cross town bus. It really must have been our day because the bus pulled up immediately. Now Nash is trained to go to the door when I tell him the door, and like a good guide dog he went to the bus door, the only problem it was the rear door on the bus. I realized it and told him sorry pal unlike you, I actually have to pay to ride the bus, so we have to go to the front door. We were greeted by the bus driver, and he said, haven’t seen you in awhile. I said, ugh yeah we had to move to Queens. The people on the bus were so nice to move over and make room for Nash and me at the front of the bus. Wow, three things in a row going my way. As soon as we sat down, Nash let out a big sneeze, one passenger chuckled politely and said I’ve never seen a dog sneeze. Hey, he has allergies.

We took the cross town bus over to the Apple Store. My iPhone has been having a few problems, and I finally had some time to get over to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. I decided to test out a new app called Blind Square, it is another GPS specifically designed for blind people. I found the Apple Store on it, and set the tracking on to see how it worked. The cool thing about the app is even while we were on the bus it was telling me stores and restaurants we were passing, but I am not sure of how accurate the accuracy is, but it is nice to know what sores are around you. I had a blue tooth earpiece in, so I could hear what Blind Square was announcing. We got off the bus on 57th and Fifth Ave. I wasn’t sure what side of the treat the Apple Store was on as I had never been to this one. I have always heard that this particular Apple Store was an absolute mad house, so I have always avoided it. Another cool thing about Blind Square is the app will tell you the direction of the store you are tracking according to the hands on a clock. We were heading North towards twelve o’clock so when the app told me the Apple Store was at two and than three o’clock I was able to tell it was on the East side of the street. The only thing that didn’t work well, is it kept jumping between 200 and four feet sometimes telling me the latter number as I was getting closer to the store. When I was right outside the Apple Store the app still told me I was 60 feet away from the store. I have traded tweets with the developer of the app and this is something that is supposed to be fixed in the next update to the app. The app definitely has a lot of potential.

Wholly tornado of people Batman. It was packed Disney World style with people in the Apple Store. Of course, the Apple Store staff was very helpful and took us right over to the Genius Bar, but I was able to tell that it was an absolute zoo in there. The Apple Store reinstalled the latest version of IOS so hopefully that will fix the battery life, Siri, and speaker phone issues I have been having. Only time will tell. It is amazing how much you can sense going around you. I asked the man helping me if he knew how much all the Apple products in the store were valued at? He said, he couldn’t tell me. I said you don’t know or you can’t say? He said he wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I than said, so how’s your security? If that Apple store gets robbed tonight, I might be in a little trouble.

Nash and I then headed over to the Lighthouse on 59th Street. It was so great to walk all over the city today. When you get banished to Queens you really enjoy all the energy of the city when you are there. We got to the Lighthouse front desk and the man sitting there asked where we were going. I told him to the Light Expo. Of course he had no clue what I was talking about. I told him the exhibit going on here today. Still no clue. Then the dimly lit lightbulb in his head went off and must have told him the thing on the second floor that all the people are going to. He told me it was on the second floor, and said take the elevator. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. He than actually said while working at the front desk of the Lighthouse an organization where blind people are coming through all hours of the day, and me who is standing there with dark sunglasses and a guide dog, he says, go where I am pointing! I said what, he says where I am pointing. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was you could be the stupidest man on the face of the earth! I know the Lighthouse isn’t going to shell out the big bucks for the people who work at the front of the desk, but are you kidding me, Go where I am pointing. And they say there are no jobs out there, well fire this moron and than there will be one job available.


Happy Five Year Old Birthday to Nash

March 31, 2012

I know I know, I haven’t blogged in ages, and it has been a bitch of a last nine months. Lets just say things haven’t been exactly rosy since I moved to Queens. Nash and I are even thinking about moving back to L.A. Never thought I would do that, but that is what the situation here in Queens has led us to. I do have a lot of topics to get caught up on blogging here, but lets keep today focused on the birthday boy.

Wow, can’t believe Nash is five years old today, and ugh he is spending his birthday just getting over being quite sick. We had to make an emergency trip to the Animal Medical Center yesterday. Thank goodness for the AMC and their amazing treatment of guide dogs. Not sure what we would do without them. So there is one stike about moving back to L.A. No Animal Medical Center.

A few days ago, Nash was having loose poop. Wow, never thought I would utter that phrase let alone write it. He does have that from time to time, as he does like to stick his nose in everything. He is a nosey fella. Then about a day and half ago he vomited. He never does that, I kept a watchful eye on him, as much as a blind guy can do. He vomited twice more, and immediately after the second time, it was in to a cab and off to the AMC. Fortunately, it looks like the guy just ate something he shouldn’t have. Thank God us people aren;t like dogs. Could you imagine vomiting every time we ate something we shouldn’t have, like a pepperoni and meatball pizza, or a double hot fudge sundae. Ugh that would be dreadful.

Anyway, I gave you the back story of the past few days, as Nash is getting to spend his big five year old birthday on a bland diet and no treats. Damn, and I got him one of this favorite peanut butter stuffed bones. He will have to wait a few days to enjoy it, as the vet said the only thing he can have is the bland food. At least we went to the vet yesterday, as he couldn’t eat or drink anything for most of the day yesterday. At least today he can enjoy some water and food.

Since we are taking it easy today, as I don’t really want him to work to hard until he is fully better, his birthday has consisted of lots of cuddling, belly rubs, ear tugs, chin scratches, toweling off, as he does love that and of course it has been raining. He loves the towel, and lots of extra attention with constant mentions of it being his birthday. Who knows maybe I will let him sleep in the big bed. Probably not, but at least he is in there right now, probably dreaming of a big nice steak.

For those of you out of town, who do not get the NY Daily News, here is a great article with photo and all that Nash and I were quoted in last weekend. Enjoy.