Blindgator’s Boastings!

The one and only legally blind comic brings his act The Blindman Cometh to New York City. Hey, it beats his old job of selling pencils in Times Square. Brian can be seen performing regularly at comedy clubs all over New York City. Only problem is, he will not see you. Brian recently launched his own foundation, Comedians Unite For Sight which will produce the very successful Laugh for Sight benefits. These shows raise much needed money to fund retinal research as it hits the critical stage of human testing.  Past performers at Laugh For Sight include Robert Klein, Lewis Black, Colin Quinn, and several other top comic’s. He has also had the distinguished honor of opening for Gary Valentine and Kevin James from the King of Queens, and Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond. Brian’s list of credits include Caroline’s on Broadway, Stand Up NY, New York Comedy Club, Improv NY, Comic Strip Live, Hollywood Improv, Miyagi’s on Sunset, The Comedy Store, Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club, The Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills, NYCC Boca, Palm Beach Improv, and several other clubs. Brian also has a documentary being made about his triumph over tragedy and the trailer can be viewed at Please also visit Brian at


5 Responses to “Blindgator’s Boastings!”

  1. Lorraine Chadwick Says:

    I’m probably not supposed to be communicating with you at this time but I have to tell you, you are in for a real problem with Nash. He’s a dyed in the wool Mets fan. Sorry. On the upside though, he is a real babe magnet.
    Looking forward to seeing you (and the Nashinator) at graduation,

  2. Kato Says:

    Hi, Brian

    This is Kato from Colorado. I will be attending the June class in GEB. I just found out your blog from a puppy raiser, Besty. I am still reading your blog, but like it very much so far.

  3. blindgator Says:

    Hey Kato,

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog, and I hope that it will offer you some insight to the adventure ahead of you. Although you will not have the same trainer’s as I did, I met a few of the other ones at Guiding Eyes for Blind and they all are tremendous. Keep me informed how things go for you. Best of luck, Brian

  4. Kato Says:

    Hi, Brian
    I am finally caught up with all my email both at home and at work. I came back with my first guide dog, Maddie, on June 29. Maddie is a black female lab. She seem to adjust to the Colorado climate well.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Sorry Brian, you are actually not the only legally blind comedian in the world. Canada has a very well known and respected comedian by the name of Gord Paynter. He performed at the hundreth anniversary of the Montreal Association For The Blind, and has also been an oft guest on a canadian show called The Canadian Air Farce. Heès very funny and there is no tone of resentment about his blindness in his voice or his humour .

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