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Nash and me at 35,000 Feet on the Way to L.A.

May 2, 2013

Nash and I are on our way out to L.A. and I mean right now. I am writing this blog from the airplane thanks to modern technology.We are flying Virgin Atlantic for the first time.

I decided to give Virgin America a try as I had heard great things. Well the employees are all fantastic, but the two reasons I really wanted to try them was wifi on board and electric outlets at every seat. So of course the wifi doesn’t work for the first part of the flight, then when it comes back on of course the idiots who are smart enough to create an wifi network for planes don’t seem to know how to properly design a website that is accessible. Fortunately the person sitting behind me was nice enough to help me. .Don’t even get me started on the asshole sitting next to me. How do I know he is an asshole? Well when he first sat down he practically stepped on Nash. I asked him a couple of times if Nash was invading his space and he didn’t respond, and yes, he dies speak English as of course he was on the phone before the flight took off.

Nash has been kind of all overr the place this flight but is sleeping now on my feet. The flight to L.A. is kind of a long one for both of us.

Here’s the kicker though I have been using my phone to do alot of things on this flight including writing this blog. So I went to charge my phone and of course the outlet at my seat doesn’t work. Are you kidding m>? The two primary reasons for me flying Virgin and neither of them are working.Thank God the crew is very friedndly, and yeah the blind guy has his own battery charger. You didn’t thibk I was going to rely on an airline?ttet