Where Nash and I Can Be Found Now

Greetings all,

It amazes me that I have been writing about Nash and my adventures for over three years now. I know the daily adventures have turned more in to the weekly and monthly adventures, as it does become harder and harder to stay interesting and fresh, as I don’t want to just write about the same thing over and over again.

I think Nash and I are entering a new chapter in our life, as we do have to eat, and I have never been paid to write this blog, but do enjoy bringing it to you. I am excited to announce that I have been recently hired as a freelancer to contribute content to The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan’s website which can be found at http://www.cesarsway.com. So what does this mean for my personal blog Blindgator’s Boastings? It means that most of my ideas about Nash, being a guide dog handlers, and our fluffy four legged friends will first be pitched to my editors at Cesar Milan’s site, as like I said Nash and I have to eat to. Not to worry though, as I still plan to write here to, as not all of my ideas and adventures with Nash are appropriate for the Dog Whisperer. So for my loyal readers, you will now have to check two sites, here at http://www.blindgator.wordpress.com and over there at http://www.cesarsway.com. I will continue to blog here about Laugh For Sight which we will be announcing the next NYC date very soon, and additionally about the new podcast I am launching with Gotham Comedy Club called Gotham Comedy Radio which you will be able to download for free from iTunes. We just recorded the pilot episode interview, and it will be launching in a few weeks.

While I do appreciate and love all of my loyal readers and commentors all four of you, writing for Cesar Milan give me a chance to reach a wider readership. I guess Cesar is a little better known than the blind comedian and Nash. Great news for all of you as my first article is live over at Cesar’s and here is a direct link to it, please feel free to read and comment http://www.cesarsway.com/news-and-events/entertainment-news/Is-Your-Dog-Stalking-You


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2 Responses to “Where Nash and I Can Be Found Now”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Great news, Brian! I can’t wait to hear the Gotham podcast. How did you get the gig with the Dog Whisperer? Have you watched “Dogs in the City?” Very similar premise as TDW, but it’s got the NY “personalities” that Ceasar rarely gets. It’s a fun show.

    • blindgator Says:

      I have not seen that show, but do recall reading about it when it was getting ready to air, will have to check it out sometime, I am so behind on almost all of my shows

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