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Nash Got To Enjoy A Weekend With His Grandparents

August 20, 2012

So I found a way that Queens isn’t all bad. Have your parents who can see and have a car with them stay with you. That’s right Queens and getting around isn’t terrible if you have a car, now I just have to figure out the blind thing, and get a car. Some of you might have heard about a Google Self Driving Car which is being tested out on highways in Nevada and California. This is a very exciting development. Of course me being a cynic, I have to assume that even if this Google Self Driving Car becomes a reality for blind people, the government won’t put a disclaimer at the bottom, only for legally licensed drivers, as we know the government will still want to have some kind of control over who is on the roads. Additionally, considering how inaccessible Google Docs, Google Plus, Google Groups, and many other aspects of Google are, can I really trust them putting me a blind guy behind the wheel? You would think they would first want to get a track record with something as simple as properly designing something accessible that you can use in the comfort of your own home when you are not going 65 miles an hour! Here is a link to the Google Self Driving Car,

Another innovation in the blind community currently is something called Google Glass. From what I understand this is a pair of glasses you would wear and they would have a chip in it that would tell you everything around you. Rumor has it that these glasses are currently being tested, and might be available to the consumer as early as 2014. Again, I am sorry, but Nash has a much better track record than Google when it comes to leading me around, but these glasses could be a nice add on to walking around with your guide dog. Not sure if you will need to be connected to Wifi for these glasses to work, but I know Nash doesn’t need any kind of fancy technology to get me near my destination. Here is a link to the story on Google Glass

Got to love how I intended to write a blog about the nice weekend that Nash and I got to spend with my parents, and of course I turn it into a technology focused story. So for my Nash fans, here goes. My parents drove up from Florida, and arrived on Friday. We went over to Austin Street in I believe Rego Park. It is actually a very nice area of Queens, and would be a much more ideal area for me to live in as there are a ton of restaurants and stores. The area actually felt like New York City. Those of you who are not familiar with Queens are probably thinking, well can’t you just take public transportation there? Not exactly, as I would first need to figure out where both bus stops are to get there, and then here is the kicker, when I get off the bus near Austin Street, Nash and I would have to cross Queens Boulevard. That doesn’t sound so difficult. Well, Queens Boulevard is ten lanes, and I just found out today from a friend that Queens Boulevard has a nickname, The Boulevard of Death. No thanks, as I have said before, the one thing about living out here is I definitely don’t want to die in Queens. We had a real nice dinner. On Saturday, I put my parents to work, as we got tons of laundry done, and than ran plenty of errands. Nice to have access to that car. Nash also got his new bone that my parents bought for him. He was in heaven and really loved it. I think Nash enjoyed getting up in the morning, and my Mom taking him out for a walk. I am normally still half asleep when I wake up, so we just go out for a quick jaunt for him to do his business, than I have to drink a pot of coffee to wake up and get going. Sunday we got more things done, and as the weekend was coming to a close, and it was time for the parents to leave and head off to New Jersey to see the Grand Kids, I think Nash was really sad to see them go. Not to worry though, we are off to New Jersey next weekend for my nieces birthday, and Nash will get to see his Grand parents again.


Where Nash and I Can Be Found Now

August 1, 2012

Greetings all,

It amazes me that I have been writing about Nash and my adventures for over three years now. I know the daily adventures have turned more in to the weekly and monthly adventures, as it does become harder and harder to stay interesting and fresh, as I don’t want to just write about the same thing over and over again.

I think Nash and I are entering a new chapter in our life, as we do have to eat, and I have never been paid to write this blog, but do enjoy bringing it to you. I am excited to announce that I have been recently hired as a freelancer to contribute content to The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan’s website which can be found at So what does this mean for my personal blog Blindgator’s Boastings? It means that most of my ideas about Nash, being a guide dog handlers, and our fluffy four legged friends will first be pitched to my editors at Cesar Milan’s site, as like I said Nash and I have to eat to. Not to worry though, as I still plan to write here to, as not all of my ideas and adventures with Nash are appropriate for the Dog Whisperer. So for my loyal readers, you will now have to check two sites, here at and over there at I will continue to blog here about Laugh For Sight which we will be announcing the next NYC date very soon, and additionally about the new podcast I am launching with Gotham Comedy Club called Gotham Comedy Radio which you will be able to download for free from iTunes. We just recorded the pilot episode interview, and it will be launching in a few weeks.

While I do appreciate and love all of my loyal readers and commentors all four of you, writing for Cesar Milan give me a chance to reach a wider readership. I guess Cesar is a little better known than the blind comedian and Nash. Great news for all of you as my first article is live over at Cesar’s and here is a direct link to it, please feel free to read and comment