On A Really Hot Day Give A Dog A Bone and Kick Back and Watch the Yankees Game

It’s definitely summer as a really bad heat wave hit New York this past weekend. How hot was it you ask? All I could think of was that really annoying Buster Pointdexter song Hot, Hot, Hot continuously going through my head, and you know that is not a pleasant song to have stuck in your head. If you are a regular reader of my blog, than you know how much Nash loves his bones. If you are not a regular reader what’s wrong with you? I had picked up a new bone for Nash, as you have to do so every so often. I gave Nash his new toy this weekend, he was so excited that I probably could have given him the bone with the plastic still on, as he couldn’t wait to get his paws on it.

If WordPress actually successfully uploaded the video, than you can click on it to watch Nash playing with his new bone. Unfortunately, WordPress is not completely accessible even though they claim to be, so I have no idea if the video successfully uploaded to this blog. If it has than you can see that my days of being a film maker are over. Hey this is a blind guy attempting to take video of Nash playing with his new bone. And what you hear in the beginning is me trying to get to the stop button on the phone, yes, that is Voiceover working. Not sure why they would think you might want to hear the VO being read in the video you are taking, so I doubt this video will go viral, but for those of you who know Nash, it will be nice for you to see him

On a cuteness scale, Nash would have shattered it this Saturday night. As it was around midnight, Nash was asleep in my bed as he usually is, and I was watching TV. Out of nowhere I heard Nash shake himself awake, than the leap from the bed to the floor, followed by the pitter patter of his paws as he entered the living room. I said, uh oh, here comes trouble. Kidding of course, as I thought Nash was coming out to play a little past doggy bedtime. Ends up Nash walked right past me and around the ottoman to where I keep his bones. I put them all there, as he does have access to them and that way I don’t step on them and slide across the floor. He has about five bones in the pile. Hey a guide dog has got to have choices. Nash went over to the pile, picked up his brand new bone, walked back past me and all the way back to the bedroom. He went around my bed to his bed the whole time with his new bone in his mouth. Than I heard him plop down and begin playing with his new bone. To cute and funny. He knew that he had a new bone, wanted to play with it, and even more impressively knew that he is not allowed to play with his bones in my bed. He did that once, and his chewing on the bone left a big wet area in the bed, not to pleasant to get in to. I kept expecting him to eventually try and take the new bone in to my bed, but he didn’t. He played with the bone for about an hour, so I am guessing he really loves the new bone. At the writing of this blog, the new bones whereabouts are unknown. Will have to go and try and find it for him, as sometimes he likes to knock it under the bed where he can’t get to it..

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One Response to “On A Really Hot Day Give A Dog A Bone and Kick Back and Watch the Yankees Game”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Great picturing Nash as he wandered around your apartment and got his bone to play with. Unfortunately could not access a video so don’t think it was attached to this Blog.

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