World’s Funniest Legally Blind Comic

Never in a million years did I think I would have to defend myself for calling my website “The World’s Funniest Legally Blind Comic!” Over the years, I have received random emails through my blog or my website, some of an attacking nature some just pointing out that there are other legally blind comedians out there. So now, I am officially going on the record, there never was a vote that I was the World’s Funniest Legally Blind Comic! That’s right America, I self appointed myself that title. I didn’t even win it on a reality TV show, it was all my doing. I guess King James and I have a lot in common, as King James was really never appointed a King, in high school he just decided to start calling himself King James. It’s called a brand name and marketing yourself. My buddy Judah Friedlander is known as The World Champ, and guess what, he really isn’t the World Champ, although I think he is. When you work in an unbelievably competitive industry like comedy, you have to do what ever it takes to separate yourself from the billion other comic’s out there, and yes, that does include all the other blind comedians out there. I am well aware of at least six other blind comedians out there, and I am sure there are a lot more than that. I am even friends with a couple of them, and I bet ya they think they are the world’s funniest legally blind comics! I will even go one further, since I started on this endeavor in comedy my vision has severely deteriorated, and I wouldn’t even be classified as legally blind anymore, just blind! So my website is now false advertising, but thanks to there not being a web design program that works with Apple’s Voiceover for us non HTML coding experts, I have no way of updating my website. That’s right, my website hasn’t even been updated in about two years.

It just blows me away that people will actually take the time to send me an email attacking my website and my self anointing as the World’s Funniest Legally Blind Comic. People get a life, and do something constructive with your time. May be offer your services to blind people to help them edit their websites.


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