When Guide Dogs Turn In To Guard Dogs!

I am constantly asked whether or not Nash would attack someone if I was in danger. Luckily for the past three years, I have not had to find out the answer to this question. No one likes to feel they are in danger let alone the blind guy.

Late last night, I was in bed cuddling with Nash, hey he is very cuttable and loving, and I feel that I need Nash love several times throughout the day, and he loves the attention. so I was in my bed with him, which of course he believes is his bed, and I was giving him a tummy rub, and all of the sudden, he popped up, and started barking. This really caught me off guard as Nash has only barked twice in the three years we have been together. For those of you who are worst at math than me, that is less than one bark per year. Nash started growling, he let out another bark, and I just happened to notice that his tail was sticking straight up in to the air. It seemed to me like he was in a pounce and attack mode. This really freaked me out. I wasn’t freaked that Nash was going to hurt me, I was freaked that someone was trying to get in to my apartment.

I jumped out of bed, and rushed over to the phone. Fortunately the place that I am living in has security, and I am quite friendly with the security guards, as they help me with a lot of things. I was smart enough to commit security’s number to heart in case something like this ever happened. I dialed the number, and in the split second it took for security to pick up, I heard a phone ring outside. The security guard said hello, and I said, could you come over here, I think someone is trying to get in to my apartment. Then I asked where he was, and he said.

right outside your front door.

I had mentioned to the security guard earlier in the day that the shrubs outside my front door keep hitting me in the face every time I leave the apartment, and asked if he knew when the landscapers might be coming. He didn’t know, and it ends up he asked someone else who lives here if he could borrow their hedge clippers, and it ends up what Nash was barking at was a man outside my apartment with a very sharp object in his hand, hedge clippers. It was so unbelievably thoughtful and nice for the security guard to cut the hedges for me, and to help me get the question answered do you think Nash would attack someone if I was in danger? The answer is, YES!

One Response to “When Guide Dogs Turn In To Guard Dogs!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Nash would never let u down!!!

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