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Happy Five Year Old Birthday to Nash

March 31, 2012

I know I know, I haven’t blogged in ages, and it has been a bitch of a last nine months. Lets just say things haven’t been exactly rosy since I moved to Queens. Nash and I are even thinking about moving back to L.A. Never thought I would do that, but that is what the situation here in Queens has led us to. I do have a lot of topics to get caught up on blogging here, but lets keep today focused on the birthday boy.

Wow, can’t believe Nash is five years old today, and ugh he is spending his birthday just getting over being quite sick. We had to make an emergency trip to the Animal Medical Center yesterday. Thank goodness for the AMC and their amazing treatment of guide dogs. Not sure what we would do without them. So there is one stike about moving back to L.A. No Animal Medical Center.

A few days ago, Nash was having loose poop. Wow, never thought I would utter that phrase let alone write it. He does have that from time to time, as he does like to stick his nose in everything. He is a nosey fella. Then about a day and half ago he vomited. He never does that, I kept a watchful eye on him, as much as a blind guy can do. He vomited twice more, and immediately after the second time, it was in to a cab and off to the AMC. Fortunately, it looks like the guy just ate something he shouldn’t have. Thank God us people aren;t like dogs. Could you imagine vomiting every time we ate something we shouldn’t have, like a pepperoni and meatball pizza, or a double hot fudge sundae. Ugh that would be dreadful.

Anyway, I gave you the back story of the past few days, as Nash is getting to spend his big five year old birthday on a bland diet and no treats. Damn, and I got him one of this favorite peanut butter stuffed bones. He will have to wait a few days to enjoy it, as the vet said the only thing he can have is the bland food. At least we went to the vet yesterday, as he couldn’t eat or drink anything for most of the day yesterday. At least today he can enjoy some water and food.

Since we are taking it easy today, as I don’t really want him to work to hard until he is fully better, his birthday has consisted of lots of cuddling, belly rubs, ear tugs, chin scratches, toweling off, as he does love that and of course it has been raining. He loves the towel, and lots of extra attention with constant mentions of it being his birthday. Who knows maybe I will let him sleep in the big bed. Probably not, but at least he is in there right now, probably dreaming of a big nice steak.

For those of you out of town, who do not get the NY Daily News, here is a great article with photo and all that Nash and I were quoted in last weekend. Enjoy.