Don’t Pity Me!

So Nash and I were heading downtown, we took the Express Bus from Queens to Fulton Street. As we exited the bus, a man approached me, and took my hand, and placed change in it. I said, “what is this?” He said, “you’re blind.” And I said, “yeah, so?” Ends up the man was homeless, and he was giving me money because I am blind. What the hell? I know I have been bitching and moaning about my current living situation in Queens, but how would a homeless man know about this? Are the homeless reading my blog and seeking me out? If that is the case, please know in the future, that I will only accept bills. How weird is it that homelessness has moved up the food chain past blindness?

This was definitely a first, and hopefully a last, unless I can make a six figure living begging on the streets of NYC. Maybe I should give a shot, put a sign on Nash, “Will lick you for money!”

Could I be the first person to ever be giving money by a homeless person? Yeah, I am not wild about that notoriety.

Nash and I have a busy week coming up with some meetings for Laugh For Sight, as we are looking for some new people to get involved with us in New York City and Los Angeles. We are in the planning stages for our second L.A. benefit, and it will be probably be held at the end of January or February. So keep a look out for the exciting news on our LaughForSight Twitter account!

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