Nash Is Stuck With Me

Amazing how fast the time goes by, as it seems like it was only yesterday when I was being introduced to Nash at Guiding Eyes For the Blind, and they brought this little pup into my dorm room and he ran me back from door to door before settling in. I recall that we sat on the floor and I talked to him, and he had to be wondering who this big lug was. I told Nash that I had never had a dog, and that we were about to begin an interesting adventure together. Hard to believe that Nash and I have now been together for over two years, and a month ago I got the papers to apply for ownership of Nash. Well, we just got the papers back and the council at GEB approved us. Not that we didn’t expect to be approved, but it is nice that it is official now. I am now the owner of Nash, or I should say we are legal, as I do not believe in indentured servitude. Well buddy, I guess we are stuck together, but I think Nash really likes me, sorry loves me. As since we have been together look at all Nash has gotten to do, perform on stage, go to Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, and more locations, go on a cruise, parade around the greatest city in the world NYC, and of course pee on national TV. We have definitely had a lot of fun together, and I am sure it will continue as we move in to the future.


Nash also gets to sleep in beds now which he is presently doing, and snoaring away. As much as our time together has been a new experience for Nash, it has also been a new experience for me as Nash is not only my first guide dog, but also my first dog. I was a little apprehensive making the switch from walking with a cane to a guide dog, but it ends up it was the perfect time for me, as since Nash and I got together, my vision has deteriorated greatly, and I could not imagine getting around with a cane now. The guide dog experience is such a rewarding one, and really does vastly change your life for the better. On the days when things are not going well, there is Nash to cuddle and give me a big lick. On the days when it is really cold out there is Nash to camp out on my feet and keep them warm. When the Yankees lose a big game there is Nash not wanting me to yell as he doesn’t like and think something is wrong, so this reminds me it is only a baseball game, and is probably great for my blood pressure. Overall, I would have to give the guide dog experience two big thumbs up, and the Nash experience a big hug, and he will return a big lick!

3 Responses to “Nash Is Stuck With Me”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    beautiful blog. Nice tribute to the BriNash team.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    You two make such a great team, I couldn’t be happier for you both. I also enjoyed your tribute to the Nashter.

    Congratulations on your great good fortune!

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