Nash Relax

Every  day no matter what time I wake up Nash eats dinner at six pm. Originally Nash would get a little restless around 5:45 as he would be anticipating his feeding time. As time has gone by Nash’s dinner is still six pm, and he would begin to get a little restless at 530 pm, then 515 pm then 5pm and now it has been coming before five pm. He does do a lot of cute things during these restless periods such as sticking his head underneath my arm while I am typing away at the computer trying to get some work done. He will even go so far as to force me to put my hand on his head, and then he moves forward for a butt scratch. If I am talking on the phone or lying on the couch forget about it, that’s when the real restlessness kicks in, as Nash will start with putting my hand on his head and running it to his butt for a heine grab and scratch, then he flip over on to his back and demand a belly rub. It is all very cute, but does some times get a little annoying when I am trying to get something done on the computer or on a phone call. Hey Nash, what would you do if I was working in an office as you wouldn’t be eating to much later? As it is currently after five, Nash has started in with the groaning and wanting attention, and he is camped out on my foot as I write this letting out the periodic groan. What am I to do, as Nash has strict hours when he eats, and he has to keep being all cute and all. We even had a nice walk today and Nash got plenty of food reward so he shouldn’t be starving. I feel so bad, as I think he is always a hungaru pooch.


I have to keep telling Nash that it is not time yet, but I am not sure if he understands this. On days when I am not busy and his impatience begins, I will get down on the floor and play with him. He will run around in a circle and then flop down hard to the ground smacking my hands with his paws. Very cute, and he only seems to do this when it is an hour before his feeding time. It is prtty funny when he does the flop with the paws. Do any other guide dog handlers go through similar things, or any puppy raisers notice the pups getting restless and groaney when it is getting close to feeding time? I guess Nash is just doing his best impersonation of Feed Me Symour or in this case Feed Me Brian!

5 Responses to “Nash Relax”

  1. Robbin Says:

    My vet says “It’s just not fair. Labs like to eat the most of any breed, and they gain weight the easiest of any breed.” So know that Nash is in good company.

    As little puppies, we feed them 3x a day and when you take away that middle meal…let’s just say I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West when I cut my first puppy’s lunch from 1 cup to 3/4 cup (moving the rest to the other meals) and he looked at me like “and the rest must be in your pocket, right?? ‘Cause I obviously can’t live on this little pittance!”

    Now I don’t feed on a schedule so they never know what to expect when LOL They are like kids and are so much better at pestering than we are at holding out. Ignore him and stay strong!

    • blindgator Says:

      Thanks Robbin, but it is impossible to ignore Nash. Today he was doing a lot of the flopping down and smacking me with his paws, probably doesn’t help that I laugh when he does this, as Nash is probably like what is so funny, I am hungary!

  2. Robbin Says:

    He’s a comedian! He probably isn’t hungry at all but lives for the laughs!!! 🙂

  3. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,

    You are NOT alone. I have come to the conclusion that all dogs can tell time, and like their human counterparts, like to push the limits. Our current GEB pup Gerard is a 90 ish lb. German Shepherd male. When things are slow around the house he goes and flops on the mat he has to be on when his breakfast or dinner is served, up to an hour before the designated time.

    In the morning, he will come up to the edge of the bed and stare at either Richard or me who tells him to go lie down at which point he will go to the other side of the bed and try his luck – no dice. He goes and lies down with a groan or heavy sigh.

    I can’t imagine our pups’ cousins in the wild hunting on a schedule. “Yeah Herb, I see that rabbit over there, but it’s not 6:00 yet.” Herb rolls his eyes and flops down with a groan and heavy sigh.

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