Nash the Magician!

I learned a long time ago that Nash definitely believed in magic, but I never knew he was a magician! Nash has always been a big fan of the food, a really really big fan, so much so that he swings his bowl around the kitchen like he was in one of the old prison movies. I don’t know when I started to notice that Nash will finish his food, walk around the kitchen than go back to his bowl for a few more licks, as if his bowl was a magic bowl and the more he licked more food would magically appear. I think I first realized this when I took out Nash’s treat bag to load it up, and I went to throw away the treat bag from the store with all the crums in it, but thought wait, Nash sure would like to eat these, let me put them in his bowl and he can lick them up. Sure enough Nash devoured them. Then he walked around the kitchen, went back to the bowl to lick it as if more treats would magically appear. I had to tell him that his bowl was not a magic bowl. Sure enough I came to the conclusion that Nash must believe in magic, as that could be the only possible explanation for why he would go back to licking his bowl once it was empty. Flash forward to last week. Nash and I got back from a walk, and because of Mr. Nashee or Big Sexy, his latest nickname, loves to sniff so much, he still has to wear a prong collar to try and curtail some of the sniffing. We got home from our walk about, and I normally take the prong collar off, but for some reason, I must have gotten busy with something because I left it on. Not realizing that I left it on, we had a business cocktail hour to go to, and when we got ready to leave, I went into the closet to get his prong collar. Felt around, and it wasn’t on, then it hit me, I never took it off, so it was still on him. Nash did his typical lap around the kitchen before settling at the front door, and I leaned down to put his leash on, and there was no prong collar on his neck. What? Where is your prong collar, I thought did I take it off, and not put it back in the closet? No, I went to his bed thinking maybe it was there, but nope, it was no where to be found. Poof, Nash pulled a Houdini and got the prong collar off all by himself. I had no clue where it was. It had to be somewhere in the apartment, as if it had come off in the street, I would have noticed that, as he wouldn’t still be connected to the lin. Since we had to be at drinks in a few minutes, we left without the prong collar on. A few days later, I was walking around the apartment, and OUCH! I stepped on his prong collar. Thanks a lot Houdini, you left it on the floor. To this day, I have no idea how Nash got out of his prong collar, but I guess a magician never tells his secrets or tricks, because Nash has been mum on the subject!

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