The Incredibly True Story of Fluffy Face and Crazy Tongue

Let me tell you a story about Fluffy Face and Crazy Tongue. He is known by many names, The Toyminator, Buddy, My. Nashee, Sir Nash A Lot, Little Nashy, Nash Mon, and of course, just plain old, but never boring Nash. He sleeps when I sleep, and wakes while I sleep, but stays in his bed until I get up. Although if I try and sleep in a little to late, he will start letting out a few groans telling me is hungary and wants me to get my ass out of bed. Which of course I do. He follows me around the apartment, always curious what I am doing. He sleeps in my bed when I am not in it, which some times is a problem, because I will get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, half asleep of course, and I come back to my bed, and plop down only to land on him, as he sees an empty bed, and assumes it is his instead of his comfy little Nash bed. He does the funniest little quirky things which has led to me calling him Fluffy Face. He will wait until I am standing at the front with his leash and then go and drink his water, but if I walk away from the door to get something that I have forgotten, he will come out of the kitchen, follow me, then make sure that I go back to the front door, then he goes back to drinking his water. Funny stuff that he will not drink his water until I am at the front. Than Fluffy Face will walk to the front door where I am standing, then turn around go back to his water bowl, take one last look, and then come back to the door for me to put the leash on him, but of course, that is still not it, as Nash I mean Fluffy Face needs to do his stretches before I put the leash on him. It is pretty funny, but he knows his routine. Fluffy Face will normally eat dinner at six every night, so of course, around five, he starts getting restless. If I am sitting at the computer, he will tuck his Fluffy Face, under my arm, as he wants to rest his head on my are to let me know that he is there. If I am sitting on the couch, he will come out of no where, lick me with his crazy tongue, put my hand on his head, and move forward so that my hand lands on his back side, demanding a heiney rub, and when I stop he goes through the entire routine again, starting with putting my hand on his head. If I go down to the floor to play with him at five, he will roll over and demand a tummy rub. This is when things get hysterical, as some times, he will roll all the way over on to his back, I will rub his tummy and he will rotate on his back clockwise. Then when I stop out comes the Crazy Tongue, and he needs to give me a bath and lick me to death. He gets lick crazy several times a day, and will start licking me out of nowhere with his Crazy Tongue. He will lick my leg after I feed him with his crazy tongue. I constantly have people asking me if their kid can pet Fluffy Face, and I have to warn them that he has a Crazy Tongue and will lick the kid. He licks my bed with his Crazy Tongue, always leaving a wet spot in my bed, not to worry at least it is not an accident in my bed. He licks his paws with his Crazy Tongue because of his alleriges. Most of all Fluffy Face just wants to give out the love with his Crazy Tongue. So, have you heard the story of Fluffy Face and Crazy tongue?

One Response to “The Incredibly True Story of Fluffy Face and Crazy Tongue”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Richard created what I lovingly call a “butt dog.” He falls for the pet-my-head routine which quickly turns into scratch-my-butt! I don’t know who trains whom. Sounds like you could ask the same question Brian :). That Nashinator is one cool dude. He’s the best!

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