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Nash Is Stuck With Me

June 30, 2011

Amazing how fast the time goes by, as it seems like it was only yesterday when I was being introduced to Nash at Guiding Eyes For the Blind, and they brought this little pup into my dorm room and he ran me back from door to door before settling in. I recall that we sat on the floor and I talked to him, and he had to be wondering who this big lug was. I told Nash that I had never had a dog, and that we were about to begin an interesting adventure together. Hard to believe that Nash and I have now been together for over two years, and a month ago I got the papers to apply for ownership of Nash. Well, we just got the papers back and the council at GEB approved us. Not that we didn’t expect to be approved, but it is nice that it is official now. I am now the owner of Nash, or I should say we are legal, as I do not believe in indentured servitude. Well buddy, I guess we are stuck together, but I think Nash really likes me, sorry loves me. As since we have been together look at all Nash has gotten to do, perform on stage, go to Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, and more locations, go on a cruise, parade around the greatest city in the world NYC, and of course pee on national TV. We have definitely had a lot of fun together, and I am sure it will continue as we move in to the future.


Nash also gets to sleep in beds now which he is presently doing, and snoaring away. As much as our time together has been a new experience for Nash, it has also been a new experience for me as Nash is not only my first guide dog, but also my first dog. I was a little apprehensive making the switch from walking with a cane to a guide dog, but it ends up it was the perfect time for me, as since Nash and I got together, my vision has deteriorated greatly, and I could not imagine getting around with a cane now. The guide dog experience is such a rewarding one, and really does vastly change your life for the better. On the days when things are not going well, there is Nash to cuddle and give me a big lick. On the days when it is really cold out there is Nash to camp out on my feet and keep them warm. When the Yankees lose a big game there is Nash not wanting me to yell as he doesn’t like and think something is wrong, so this reminds me it is only a baseball game, and is probably great for my blood pressure. Overall, I would have to give the guide dog experience two big thumbs up, and the Nash experience a big hug, and he will return a big lick!


Nash Relax

June 28, 2011

Every ┬áday no matter what time I wake up Nash eats dinner at six pm. Originally Nash would get a little restless around 5:45 as he would be anticipating his feeding time. As time has gone by Nash’s dinner is still six pm, and he would begin to get a little restless at 530 pm, then 515 pm then 5pm and now it has been coming before five pm. He does do a lot of cute things during these restless periods such as sticking his head underneath my arm while I am typing away at the computer trying to get some work done. He will even go so far as to force me to put my hand on his head, and then he moves forward for a butt scratch. If I am talking on the phone or lying on the couch forget about it, that’s when the real restlessness kicks in, as Nash will start with putting my hand on his head and running it to his butt for a heine grab and scratch, then he flip over on to his back and demand a belly rub. It is all very cute, but does some times get a little annoying when I am trying to get something done on the computer or on a phone call. Hey Nash, what would you do if I was working in an office as you wouldn’t be eating to much later? As it is currently after five, Nash has started in with the groaning and wanting attention, and he is camped out on my foot as I write this letting out the periodic groan. What am I to do, as Nash has strict hours when he eats, and he has to keep being all cute and all. We even had a nice walk today and Nash got plenty of food reward so he shouldn’t be starving. I feel so bad, as I think he is always a hungaru pooch.


I have to keep telling Nash that it is not time yet, but I am not sure if he understands this. On days when I am not busy and his impatience begins, I will get down on the floor and play with him. He will run around in a circle and then flop down hard to the ground smacking my hands with his paws. Very cute, and he only seems to do this when it is an hour before his feeding time. It is prtty funny when he does the flop with the paws. Do any other guide dog handlers go through similar things, or any puppy raisers notice the pups getting restless and groaney when it is getting close to feeding time? I guess Nash is just doing his best impersonation of Feed Me Symour or in this case Feed Me Brian!

Nash the Magician!

June 11, 2011

I learned a long time ago that Nash definitely believed in magic, but I never knew he was a magician! Nash has always been a big fan of the food, a really really big fan, so much so that he swings his bowl around the kitchen like he was in one of the old prison movies. I don’t know when I started to notice that Nash will finish his food, walk around the kitchen than go back to his bowl for a few more licks, as if his bowl was a magic bowl and the more he licked more food would magically appear. I think I first realized this when I took out Nash’s treat bag to load it up, and I went to throw away the treat bag from the store with all the crums in it, but thought wait, Nash sure would like to eat these, let me put them in his bowl and he can lick them up. Sure enough Nash devoured them. Then he walked around the kitchen, went back to the bowl to lick it as if more treats would magically appear. I had to tell him that his bowl was not a magic bowl. Sure enough I came to the conclusion that Nash must believe in magic, as that could be the only possible explanation for why he would go back to licking his bowl once it was empty. Flash forward to last week. Nash and I got back from a walk, and because of Mr. Nashee or Big Sexy, his latest nickname, loves to sniff so much, he still has to wear a prong collar to try and curtail some of the sniffing. We got home from our walk about, and I normally take the prong collar off, but for some reason, I must have gotten busy with something because I left it on. Not realizing that I left it on, we had a business cocktail hour to go to, and when we got ready to leave, I went into the closet to get his prong collar. Felt around, and it wasn’t on, then it hit me, I never took it off, so it was still on him. Nash did his typical lap around the kitchen before settling at the front door, and I leaned down to put his leash on, and there was no prong collar on his neck. What? Where is your prong collar, I thought did I take it off, and not put it back in the closet? No, I went to his bed thinking maybe it was there, but nope, it was no where to be found. Poof, Nash pulled a Houdini and got the prong collar off all by himself. I had no clue where it was. It had to be somewhere in the apartment, as if it had come off in the street, I would have noticed that, as he wouldn’t still be connected to the lin. Since we had to be at drinks in a few minutes, we left without the prong collar on. A few days later, I was walking around the apartment, and OUCH! I stepped on his prong collar. Thanks a lot Houdini, you left it on the floor. To this day, I have no idea how Nash got out of his prong collar, but I guess a magician never tells his secrets or tricks, because Nash has been mum on the subject!

The Incredibly True Story of Fluffy Face and Crazy Tongue

June 2, 2011

Let me tell you a story about Fluffy Face and Crazy Tongue. He is known by many names, The Toyminator, Buddy, My. Nashee, Sir Nash A Lot, Little Nashy, Nash Mon, and of course, just plain old, but never boring Nash. He sleeps when I sleep, and wakes while I sleep, but stays in his bed until I get up. Although if I try and sleep in a little to late, he will start letting out a few groans telling me is hungary and wants me to get my ass out of bed. Which of course I do. He follows me around the apartment, always curious what I am doing. He sleeps in my bed when I am not in it, which some times is a problem, because I will get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, half asleep of course, and I come back to my bed, and plop down only to land on him, as he sees an empty bed, and assumes it is his instead of his comfy little Nash bed. He does the funniest little quirky things which has led to me calling him Fluffy Face. He will wait until I am standing at the front with his leash and then go and drink his water, but if I walk away from the door to get something that I have forgotten, he will come out of the kitchen, follow me, then make sure that I go back to the front door, then he goes back to drinking his water. Funny stuff that he will not drink his water until I am at the front. Than Fluffy Face will walk to the front door where I am standing, then turn around go back to his water bowl, take one last look, and then come back to the door for me to put the leash on him, but of course, that is still not it, as Nash I mean Fluffy Face needs to do his stretches before I put the leash on him. It is pretty funny, but he knows his routine. Fluffy Face will normally eat dinner at six every night, so of course, around five, he starts getting restless. If I am sitting at the computer, he will tuck his Fluffy Face, under my arm, as he wants to rest his head on my are to let me know that he is there. If I am sitting on the couch, he will come out of no where, lick me with his crazy tongue, put my hand on his head, and move forward so that my hand lands on his back side, demanding a heiney rub, and when I stop he goes through the entire routine again, starting with putting my hand on his head. If I go down to the floor to play with him at five, he will roll over and demand a tummy rub. This is when things get hysterical, as some times, he will roll all the way over on to his back, I will rub his tummy and he will rotate on his back clockwise. Then when I stop out comes the Crazy Tongue, and he needs to give me a bath and lick me to death. He gets lick crazy several times a day, and will start licking me out of nowhere with his Crazy Tongue. He will lick my leg after I feed him with his crazy tongue. I constantly have people asking me if their kid can pet Fluffy Face, and I have to warn them that he has a Crazy Tongue and will lick the kid. He licks my bed with his Crazy Tongue, always leaving a wet spot in my bed, not to worry at least it is not an accident in my bed. He licks his paws with his Crazy Tongue because of his alleriges. Most of all Fluffy Face just wants to give out the love with his Crazy Tongue. So, have you heard the story of Fluffy Face and Crazy tongue?