The Hangover Part 3

No, I have not seen the movie The Hangover Part 2, and this blog is not about getting drunk, and being hungover the next day, just a catchy title, so for those of you who have landed here hoping that this blog would be about the sequel to a cappy movie that already had one sequel currently in theaters, you can stop reading now. Spring and Summer bring a lot of things, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, warm weather, a bright glaring sun that drives someone with a visual problem absolutely nuts as even with dark sunglasses on the sun still hurts your eyes and gives you headaches, but not the kind that would give you a hangover, and worst of all the change of season brings people and stores hanging plants outside there stores. Ah, yeah you get where I am going with this and the hangover now. The other morning, Nash and I headed out for his morning trip for him to do his business, and of course I was still half asleep, which normally is not a problem. We headed out my building, down the street, went to turn the corner, and WHACK! Face first into a hanging plant that had not been there for a year! Reaction kicks in, and Nash got a pretty stern left handed correction, and a little yelling at, which I never do, but my head was throbbing, and I was not thinking logically. We got to Nash’s bathroom spot, and as he did his business, I think I was still mumbling at him, as my head was throbbing pretty good, still not thinking logically. We headed back inside, and I was still talking to Nash rather sternly, as I was pretty ypset with him. We got into my apartment, and Nash immediately went running for the bathroom, I think it is his little hiding spot for when he doesn’t want to be bothered. He rarely does anything wrong or gets yelled at, and after a little bit I realized he was still hiding out in the bathroom. I went in there, and apologized for yelling at him, but told him he needs to pay attention better. Nash came out of the bathroom and settled in on my feet, and all seemed forgiven. A few hours went by, and it was time for another walk, so we headed out, got to his bathroom spot with no problem, and weren’t even thinking about the hanging plant when we headed back to the apartment, and WHACK! I got hit in the other side of the head, and reaction kicked in, and Nash got another left handed correction. The yelling wasn’t as severe this time, but I did find myself telling Nash he needed to pay more attention when we were working. We reworked the corner, and Nash took a nice turn to avoid the spot, but I did find him really picking up the pace at the spot, and booking around the corner. Still thinking had not kicked in. I put in a call to the Guiding Eyes help line as me smacking my head was not something I was going to live with as getting a hangover without the fun of the night of drinking didn’t seem fair. Immediately upon speaking with the GEB instructor, it him me, and not like the plant did. The plant was way out of Nash’s sight line. Not sure why that didn’t hit me originally, I guess when you smack your head into a plant all logic and thinking goes right out the window kind of like your thought process during a night of drinking. I felt like such an ass for giving Nash the left handed corrections and yelling at him. Like I said, I rarely if ever yell at the little guy, even when I am having a bad day which has been a lot recently. Unfortunately, Nash still thinks he did something wrong, as when we get to that area, he takes off, because he knows he got a pretty good correction, and he is not sure why. Since the hangover incidents, when we get to that area, I have to walk with my hand up to make sure that I don’t smack my head again, and we have reworked the corner several times, and Nash has got a lot of food reward to get him over his fear that he did something wrong. Of course, I have never thought that Nash doesn’t see anything above my waist line when we are working. I guess he does such a good job that I never thought about it. Nash does do such a good job, but I don’t want to get decapitated because he doesn’t see something which of course would not be his fault. I guess I need to start looking in to getting a seeing eye parrot that can sit on my shoulder and take care of making sure my head doesn’t slam in to anything. Curious, as I do not recall going over this at Guiding Eyes, but we did have an awful lot of information to take in during the month we were there, and we may have and it mah have just escaped me. With NYC constantly having to be under construction, I mean seriously will they ever finish, or once they do do they just start working on something else? There is constantly going to be low over hangings, so at this point, I am still not sure what to do to protect my noggin besides the parrot idea, because I do want to avoid those plant induced hangovers. Here’s hoping the next time it happens, my first instinct is not to give Nash a left handed correction!

5 Responses to “The Hangover Part 3”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Do you still wear a baseball cap? I like your parrot idea. What would you name him or her? This sounds like the beginning of a stand up gag, joke, routine – or whatever it’s called.

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    All good parents make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are terrific with Nash and he with you.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    yes… good parents usually feel badly when they discipline their kds. Not easy being a parent

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