Nash’s Anti-Social Behavior

Lately Nash has taken to sitting in my bathroom, which is strange considering he has many more pleasant options like his bed, my bed which he thinks is his bed, and of course my feet. He started doing this a few weeks ago. There is a bath mat in there, and he seems to curl up on it, but I am out in the living area, and I know Nash likes to keep an eye on me. At first I thought he liked to sit in there, as he could see who was coming and he wouldn’t get stepped on, but it is a pretty narrow bathroom, and when I go in there, he does get up and brush up against me on his way out. I have also noticed that it is a little cooler in the bathroom, but for the most part it has been cool in NYC and in the apartment, so that shouldn’t be why he is spending so much time in there. May be he doesn’t like the voiceover voice on the computer, and it is quieter in there, but he does still spend a good amount of time on my feet while I am working on the computer, so the voiceover voice shouldn’t be bothering him that much. The only thing I can think of is that when Nash is in an anti-social mood he goes in there not to be bothered. It is strange becuase lately he has been spending so much time in there. When he does come out, I say oh hello Mr. Anti-Social. Today though, he has spent a lot of time on my feet at the computer, so maybe he is coming out of his anti-social behavior, although as I am writing this he got up off my feet and went some where, not sure if he is on his bed, or in his new resting spot.

Why do so many websites feel the need to mess with something when it is working. Every time a website changes its layout, which for some is quite often, us blind folks have to take awhile getting used to the changes. This can be quite frustrating, as a lot of time a site that works with a screen reader will be updated, and then not work with a screen reader. The latest to do this is Facebook. Ugh, Facebook, leave it the way it was. Facebook updated its inboxes and messages, and now I cannot access my messages on Facebook. Damn you Facebook. I can still access my posts when someone posts on my page, but cannot access the private messages to reply to someone. I do get my messages sent to me, so can read them in mail, but have no way of replying. I have yet to ry accessing my messages on my mobile device, so that may still work, but it takes me forever to type on my iphone, and I can type very fast on my computer, so when at home, I like to access everything on the computer. This is just the latest in several annoying updates to websites that completely ignores the blind. The government really needs to get more involved in making sure that common websites are accessible to screen readers and should meet a minimum criteria. And no Nash has yet to come back to my feet, I guess he is still being anti-social, but not to worry, as it won’t be long as it getting near his dinner time, and they say dogs can’t tell time, but Nash always knows when it is near his feeding time!

2 Responses to “Nash’s Anti-Social Behavior”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Try putting the bathmat near where you are. If he still hangs out in the bathroom, maybe it’s time for a visit to doggie Dr. Phil. If he lays on the mat,then you’re good to go.

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    solved the problem.. We bought that mat and it brings Nash closer to his
    Grandma and Pop Pop partic on Mother’s Day!!!!!!

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