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Happy Two Year Anniversary to Nash and Me – A Return of the Blog!

April 30, 2011

I know it has been quite awhile, but it has been an absolutely awful year. Things just seem to have been spiraling downward the entire year. It was like the calendar turned from 2010, and 2011 decided to just keep beating me down. 2010 was a great year for Nash and me, positive things just seem to keep happening to us, which is the norm for me, and now 2011 is having a karma kick back of some kind. I have not written the blog to mainly being down in the dumps. I try for the most part to stay positive with this blog, and it is hard to write it when bad things keep happening to you, and you are battling depression on a daily basis. Well, I think I am starting to come out of it, although things still have not completely gotten out of the dump. In the last few months I have lost two sources of income and not due to depression or poor performance, but being downsized and a position being eliminated. For those of you who read this blog at VisionZone, it is no longer posted there, as the VisionZone experience is over. All I will say about it for now, is that Visionzone was not a terribly positive experience.As a comedian you go through a lot of peaks and valleys, and lets just say this has been a long valley. As a blind person who did have some vision a few years ago, and whose vision has been deteriorating over the past few years at a rapid rate, it has been very depressing and angering, but enough about that. Most of you are here to read about the Nasher.

Things with Nash have been good for the most part over the past few months, although we have had some problems working together. Not sure if it is a lack ofocus on his part, him getting stubborn in his older age, as he did turn four years old on March 31, him being to spoiled, and not wanting to work, or me getting rusty in my working with him.  I have recently spoken to a trainer at Guiding Eys and I am working on implementing the changes he suggested. Nash has been his usually cheery silly self over the past months of my depression and shut down. Not to worry as he has gotten his daily belly rubs, cuddle time, and loving affections. Even though I have felt like crap and been in the dumps, there is no denying the Nash.  Nash has even discovered two new spots he likes in the apartment over the past few months. He now likes to lay on the bath rug in the bathroom. Not sure why he likes to sit in there ,except it is a little cooler, it is drak, and probably quieter. Since I have gotten the mac and rely on the voiceover technology to use the computer, Nash has started to sit in the bathroom. Not sure he loves the voice coming from the computer, but he does still spend a lot of the day on my feet below the desk, so he can’t hate the voice to much. The one good thing the last few months have brought me besides the Nasher is I have learned how to use the mac with Voiceover and gotten use to navigating it with the keyboard commands. It does seem like only yesterday where I couldn’t figured out how to do a damn thing on the mac. I guess that muscle memory has kicked in and now things aresecond nature, and for the most part it is a joy to use. Voiceover on the mac is not perfect, but it is the best thing I have come across, and apple is constantly making improvements. It is a good thing Nash is not a female, or I could be in a lot of trouble, as I was all set to celebrate Nash and my two year anniversary together today, Saturday, April 29th, only to realize around 10pm Friday night that Friday was the 29th of April, and the whole day was our anniversary. Woops. Nash and I will go for a long walk today to celebrate our two years and one day together. It has been a interesting two years, and I would have never imagined the guide dog experience would be such a positive one. I cannot imagine what these past few month’s of depression would have been like with the nasher here for cuddle time and some Nash love. Happy Anniversary to you Nash oh yeah, and a day.