Choose Your Friends Wisely

I wasn’t the best listener as a kid, and didn’t listen to a lot of my parents advice, but who does as a kid, as we all think we know what is best, and only learn the lessons that our parents teach us as a kid are valuable when we are adults. One of the lessons I do recall that my parents taught me as a kid was to choose my friends wisely, which of course I completely ignored as a kid, as we all want to be friends with the popular kids. I still talk to a lot of my friends that I grew up with mainly through social networking and on Facebook as we are all so busy these days. So I think that I did pick my friends fairly wisely as a kid, but am now confused on how to accomplish this as an adult and using modern technology. I pretty much agree to almost everyone who friends me on Facebook, and do not consider them real friends, just my virtual friends, and of course I am much more popular in the online world than in real life, but hey aren’t we all? My idea for this blog topic doesn’t even come from an incident on Facebook, but rather from Fantasy Baseball I am in a bunch of leagues, but have a couple that I really enjoy. My oldest league is a ten year keeper league where we keep a lot of the same players from year to year. Now in the real world, I only know one of the guys in the league. The rest while I have communicated with over the years, I have never met in person, but they seemed like a good bunch of guys. Since we have been doing this league for ten years, I guess I considered these guys one step above my virtual Facebook friends. Now for those of you not familiar with fantasy baseball, yeah it is a great waste of time, but I really love it, as it is a way for me to connect to the game I once loved to play. The best part of the season is the draft, and the most important part. For the last ten years, we have drafted this league through email, which allows us all the time in the world to make a pick, and is very blind friendly as you do not need to be in a java window with only 60 seconds to figure out who is out there, where the link is to the player you want, then where the select plater button is. as you can imagine not only is this pretty impossible for a blind guy to do, but it is quite frustrating when you can’t do it. So there is a little background on fantasy baseball but now back to my point. I have been preparing for my league draft and ranking my platers, and was completely blind sided when my league decided after ten years of email drafting to participate in a live draft. I emailed my league commish and told him about my situation and not being able to participate in the live draft. I also emailed the one guy I know personally in the league, and asked him to help get the word out there, and figured it would only be a matter of time before we would be back doing an email draft. So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t receive any league messages from the commish or my buddy letting the league know that we have a blind guy who couldn’t do a live draft. All of the sudden I went to the site, and noticed we were set to live draft. I figured this was a mistake, as how after ten years could these guys not understand my situation, and be compassionate. Its not like I was asking for them to go out of their way for me, just to do exactly what we have been doing for the past ten years. So last night when I heard that the league decided that they were going to do a live draft, I was pretty angry. How could they do this to me. Then I realized its not like these guys are friends of mine. Even though I have known them for ten years, all they are are email accounts spread throughout the country that I do not send to my spam box. So I consider my dilemna. While I love doing fantasy baseball and this league that I have done for ten years, do I really need to be in a league with people with no empathy, class, or character? If they cannot even respond to a message about my situation, why should I even bother with them? Yes, I do love my players, but with all the every day aggravation that I go through why should I even let this affect me? Because I love doing it, but I must have grown up over night because I am thinking about telling them all to go fuck themselves, and I think I would actually be in the right. I’ve yet to make my final decision, and am weighing my options, good thing none of my fellow league members read my blog. After all, it’s not like they are friends. Now the fun part comes, locating them on my Facebook page, and deleting them there should I not continue with the league.

I watched the movie Social Network yesterday. Thank God finally a movie with a story line that even a blind guy could follow.The worst thing that has happened to blind people and movies over the last decade is CGI technology. As movies have become impossible to follow, and it is strange to think that 15 years ago I would watch a movie a day, and now I am lucky if I see 3 in a year. I have been told that some moves have a narrative track on them, but have yet to come across any of these DVS. You would think with the general public living longer and more and more people having low vision that Hollyweird would have more DVDs with a narrative track, but of course not. Once again this is something the blind lobby should be looking in to, but of course, our lobby is fairly nonexistienct. I think the only way our lobby will ever grow and get stronger is if My. Fischler Goes To Washington!

2 Responses to “Choose Your Friends Wisely”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Wonderful blog once again. Whatever decision you make with the league am glad to say IT IS ALL YOURS and to hell with people who cannot consider others. It is fabulous that my son is not one of them!!!

  2. blindgator Says:

    As a follow up to this blog I figured out how to post a message in the league where this took place, and the asshole commish left a message stating don’t make this out to be more than it is. Yet no response from anyone else in the league about doing an email draft, so screw them

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