No Title Needed

I don’t know if I am suffering from writers block, or if I am just running out of great titles, but I had a lack of an idea of a title for this blog entry. Well, I went in for my eye check up yesterday, and it was very disappointing. Ends up I had seen this eye doctor about ten years ago, and thank you doc for stating the obvious when you said, “wow your vision has gotten a lot worst. Really, no kidding doc, I could have told you that, and I don’t even have a medical degree. I went in to get checked to see if I had cataracts, as I have been reading about a lot of people who have RP and are going through similar things that I have been going through with severe light sensitivity issues, bad glare from computer screens and TV, and brightness issues. All of what has been going on with my eyes the last few years. So of course, I expected and hoped to get a similar diagnosis of having developed cataracts, as that would be a simple fix to help improv my eyes a little, but unfortunately, I have to do everything the hard way, and cataracts is not the cause of my deteriorating vision. Of course, Nash got a big compliment at the eye doc, as he was examining me he commented that Nash was the most mellow dog he had ever seen! Of course a simple thank you from me would have been lame, so I said, “Yeah he smoked a big fatty right before we came in!” Good thing the doc didn’t have something sticking in my eye when I said that, because he was in hysterics. No, Nash is not a toker, and neither am I. Too bad, because I could probably score some pretty strong weed for my eye condition. This was Nash and my first visit to the eye doc together, and when the doc first started examining me, Nash was anything but mellow, as he kept poking his head up and checking out what the doc was doing Now Nash and I have been to the doc before but never to the eye doc together. I think Nash realized that the doc was checking out my eyes, and he has gotten used to being my eyes for me so he was a little concerned that he may be getting replaced. Not to worry Nash, even if they cured my RP tomorrow which would be an amazing day, I would still find a way to keep you buddy. I think Nash and I have grown really attached, and there is no seperating us now. It is hard to believe that I still don’t even own Nash as we have not been together for two years yet. Come April 29th I will officially own Nash.

It has taken me awhile to get used to using the new mac computer, but I am happy to say that this is the first blog entry that I am writing on the mac. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to learn on the mac, but I am using it primarily now as my main computer. It does take me longer to do certain things, as I am still not fully used to the voiceover technology and using all of the keyboard shortcuts, but I am getting there. It amazes me that the mac is the best computer on the market, yet the Commission for the Blind cannot find an organization or third party provider to provide training for me with the mac. Go figure our government at work just wants to train me on a Windows PC, and not the best computer for a blind guy. That’s our tax dollars hard at work. I can get training from one organization, but get this, I would have to bring my desktop in and leave it at their office until the training is fully completed. That doesn’t pass the smell right test to me. I would have no clue who would be using my computer and all my personal info. Plus I would not be getting to learn things on my own. Very strange offer. So I will continue learning the mac on my own, and going to the Apple store one on one training sessions where they are by no means experts in using the voiceover technology. I guess I am saying that I find it kind of funny and sad that we have this technology out there to help us, yet no one to train us using it.

After the eye doc yesterday, Nash and I took a nice long walk down the east side. It was a gorgeous day in NYC, and although Nash is in great shape, I really needed the exercise. It was the first time in awhile that Nash and I had a nice long walk together. It has been a brutal winter, so the long walks have been kept to a minimum. He did pretty good, but there were a few hiccups. He decided to turn left instead of going forward on one street, and of course he was trying to sniff everything in sight. I am going to be contacting Guiding Eyes to see if I can get a trainer to come out as we could use a refresher as Nash is doing a few things that I don’t think he should be doing. He did make the 15 block walk in good time, and for the most part avoided all the peopl, but most importantly we avoided all objects and didn’t have any falls or stumbles. So overall I would give him a B plus for the walk, but it was far from perfection ,and I expect perfection out of the Nasdhee.

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