Smarter Than Your Average Dog!

“Hey Booboo, I’m smarter than your average bear,” Yogi Bear would say. Well, Nash is much smarter than your average dog. Sorry to all the average dogs out there who read my blog, but he is. I know that I have touched on this before, but it still continues to amaze me. Each morning we head downstairs and some mornings they are still doing construction on my lobby, the never ending project from hell. Other mornings, are just a regular morning. The difference is we either use the lobby doors, or have to vear off through the mail room, and through the service hallway to the building when there is construction going on. I am not a morning person, and am usually up to three or four in the morning, and am so groggy when we head out to walk Nash that even if I could see, I am half asleep and would probably not even pay attention the construction, but Nash knows. He spots the construction, and immediately realizes that we have to use the service entrance to get outside. There is zero hesitation by him, he doesn’t contemplate what to do, and he does all of this without having any coffee! You would think that Nash would see the construction in the lobby, stop, and wait for me to tell him to make a right and then tell him to make another right, but he does it all on his own! I know it might not sound like a ig deal, but it is very impressive, and Nash is not only smarter than your average dog, but rather much much much smarter, and he knows more than a fifth grader!

I was hoping to say that this was the first blog that I had written using the new mac computer, but unfortunately, I am still very slowly getting used to the mac. It amazes me how difficult it has been to get going on the mac, but I have heard that even sighted users have a tough time getting going on the mac. I am using it more and more each day, but still have a long way to go, as every little thing takes getting used to keyboard short cuts and gestures. They call it muscle memory, and I guess my brain has been on a very long siesta, because it is taking very long to get used to the mac. I can see the trees through the forest, as I can tell how beneficial the voiceover and zoom functions will be once I can get going fuilly on the mac, but for now, I am still most comfortable using my ancient PC. It’s funny though, because I recall a lot of people saying that using a mac is much easier than using a PC, and I have found that not to be true. I did finally get my contacts imported in to the Mac address book, and figured out how to use Mac mail a little better. I also got Microsoft Office installed on the Mac, and was a little surprised at how long it took to install. The good thing is I have at least installed my first program on the computer. It is like a full time job learning the mac. I hope to get some of my files on there today, and then figure out how to get my Iphone recognized by the mac, as I tried it yesterday, and I guess the phone can only be recognized by one computer, so I will have to figure out how to deauthorize it on my old PC, and then make sure I don’t lose my info when connecting it to the mac. What a pain all of this has been.

On a more pleasant note, I have been getting a lot of great use out of Optelec’s Compact Flash. Without it I would not be able to see any of my bills, or any paper work. For those of you with low vision, I would highly reccomend getting the compact flash, as it is a great tool, and easy to carry around with you where ever you go. It would be highly useful in a restaurant for those of you with low vision in reading menus and of course those darn bills at the end of the meal. I also use my compact flash to help me see dollar bills, as without it I can’t differentiate between dollar amounts, and last time I checked we don’t live in the most trusting of societies. So please check out Optelec and all their great low vision aids at

One Response to “Smarter Than Your Average Dog!”

  1. Michelle and Troy Says:

    Haha sounds like you’re having fun with the Mac there! Always funny how when people rave on about something, it’s not such a rave when you get around to checking it out? Oh well I hope you get the hang of it soon. And yes, I agree with you. Guide dogs are proven to be smarter and I don’t care what anyone says. I know they’re trained, can’t deny that. They’re just dogs ater all. But there’s something about our guide dogs which other pets don’t have. Troy has amazed me with his feats of intelligence these past three years. Even the trainers have seen it but won’t admit that he’s smarter. Well hello? If he’s not smarter, why does Troy come up with new choices that he hasn’t been trained into? The instructors have told me that his training helps him stay so intelligent, yet in the other sentence, they’ve always been of the idea that the dogs need to be taught how to make them. Well explain how I can tell my dog to find a specific lecturer after going to the same classroom for weeks? And it includes the fact that I don’t always remember directions either since the university is so large. His brain baffles me and everyone else around him.


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