The Blind Guy Who Drove at Daytona Did Not Steal My Top Gear Thunder!

The blind and visually impaired world seems to be abuzz, as a blind man drove at the Daytone 500.

With this man driving at Daytone, of course the first thing I hear is people saying, hey Fish, this guy is trying to steal your Top Gear thunder, and my initial response, is no he isn’t, as he needed all kinds of expensive technology and sensors to get him around the track, and I just needed BALLS, oh yeah, and Tanner. While it is amazing what this guy did, driving around the track and being able to dodge obstacls, lets see him drift the way I did. Now that I got that off my chest, lets get to the practicality of it all. It is fantastic to hear about all the amazing strides that technology is making to help improve people who are visually impaired and blinds lives, but I view this stunt at Daytone to be a great waste of time, resources, money, technology, and probably some brilliant minds. Now that this guy successfully did a lap around the track and maneuvered around obstacles, what are they going to start issuing drivers licenses to blind people? And if software for my computer costs over a thousand bucks to help me use my home computer, what would a car with technology to help a blind guy drive cost? Even if they made a car that was affordable and a blind guy could drive it on the streets, I’m sorry, even with GPS how would one get from point A to point B? Could you imagine us parking in a crowded mall parking lot even with all the built in sensors and I assume the car speaking to you, I think it would go something like this, “Turn left into parking spot, car close on your left, car close on your right, some asshole behind you, honking at you, and zooming pass you, please try again to get into the spot, back up, no car coming, back up, error, error, error, stick middle finger up at car behind you!” Ok, so now that I have pointed out how ridiculous this whole Daytone thing was, here’s an idea, instead of wasting money on stuff that will never be a reality, take the technology, and get it built in to my tv, so I can hear what I am watching, invest more time and money in making more descriptive programming. Heck, why not make more street lights beep so blind people don’t get run over, there are only two streets in NYC that actually berep for the cross walk, 59th Street by the Lighthouse and 23rd street by Selis Manor, how the hell NYC thinks blind people will get between the two streets that beep is beyond me.

January set the record for the amount of snow in a month in the history of NYC, and while I loved it, of course Nash loved it, I did realize that I don’t know what the proper protocol and etiquette is to picking up after your guide dog in a snow storm? I try and mark where Nash is going with my foot like I normally do, but by the time I reach down to clean up after him, his poop is like Keyzer Sosze, gone! How long am I supposed to freeze my hand off digging around in the snow for it? And year, we got another big snow storm coming tomorrow or the next day. Nash still loves the snow, last week we went out when it was coming down real hard and a lot of snow had already accumulated, and after doing his business, I let Nash flop around in the snow for a little while. He was loving the fresh powder, and rolling all around in it. I was even throwing some on him and he didn’t seem to mind. He didn’t shovel it back on to me with his back paws like he had donw once before. My only problem with Nash in the snow is like I have mentioned before, he has to stick his nose in all of it, and try to eat it all. When it is fresh, I don’t see a problem with this, but after it has been there for a few days, and all the dirt of NYC has mixed in with it, I don’t want him licking it. He also seems more interested with trying to eat the snow and ice than with going to the bathroom, so any advice on this one would be appreciated. I keep telling him he has water in the apartment, but he seems more interested with the frozen kind.

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