“I’m Sorry, but I Do Not See A Book Here”

“I’m sorry but I do not see a book here,” was the exact quote I received from a literary agent that I had emailed to pick their brain about turning my blogs and experiences with my guide dog Nash, stand up comedy, and Laugh For Sight. Funny, because I have noticed a lot of shit out there in the book market that stuns me that someone published. It has been an absolutely dreadful start to the year, and I would like to thank this literary agent for lighting a fire in me to prove her wrong. Spiteful, yes, but I wasn’t asking for their opinion about whether or not they felt that I had a book here, but rather for some advice and guidance in the right direction. Maybe a better use of the quote “I’m sorry, but I don’t see a book here,” would have been from the publisher of Adolf Hitler’s Meinkampf, or Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. So thanks for the motivation that I needed to begin organizing my thoughts in to a book.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest.

I have been having more and more difficulties seeing the computer, and that is with using Zoomtext. Both my computers are at least five years old, so I have been looking into the latest technology out there and where the improvements have been in accessibility. I went into the Apple store and played around on the Mac Pro laptop. Their Voiceover technology on the Iphone is fantastic, and it is also built in to their laptops. The Zoom feature seems pretty solid as well, but the color enhancements for the screen are fairly limited, and the price tag is fairly steep at around $2700. Their customer support is the best out there, as you can get one on one training in store, and 24 hour customer support that is not based in India. Dell which is a lot cheaper and Windows 7 has fairly limited built in accessibility options, and forget about calling Dell, as they are useless in answering any questions about accessibility. They seemed more interested in selling me a computer than making sure that I got the right machine for my situation. Also, their support is based in India, and they do not have any stores in NYC for me to go into and play around on some of their computers. I do already have Zoomtext, so I can install it on a new Windows PC, but I did want to inquire about Dell’s new touch screen features and the compatability with Zoomtext. I plan to call Zoomtext tomorrow to see if they know about the compatability, and if they can offer me some advice into what computers are best for the visually impaired, but right now it is looking like Apple has the edge.

It is snowing again in NYC. Yippee, I love the snow, not the slush, and Nash seems to like it either way. For weeks he has been licking the ice on the ground, and I have to constantly tell him to leave it. So with some fresh snow today, there he goes again trying to eat it all. He mainly does this while in his bathroom zone, not while we are working, but I don’t want to get sick from something on the street, or eat the yellow snow, and then lick me a few hours later. I guess what can you do as all of this snow and ice on the streets of NYC is like one continuous great snow cone for him!

The funniest part about the snow and rainy weather this winter is when we get back inside and I break out the towel. I have mentioned Nash’s fondness for towels in the past. He treats being toweled off like play time and he is a bull and I am the matador with the towel. Well, we went out tonight, and it wasn’t snowing or raining, but I had to towel Nash’s belly and paws off because he jumps into my bed as soon as we get inside, and I don’t want a wet bed,. So the funny thing was after I dried his belly, there he went wanting me to dry his back off even though it wasn’t wet. He just wanted to run through the towel, and then my legs, and then he would lap around again and do it over and over again. Tired me out. Hey, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with the Nashster!

4 Responses to ““I’m Sorry, but I Do Not See A Book Here””

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Keep writing. It is so interesting. Nash in such a funny guy and you seem to love it too. Oh, the weather is nice in Florida….no snow here.

  2. Deb Says:

    ZoomText software does not work on a MAC computer. I would stay away from a touch screen right now, as they are not very compatible with any of the accessibility programs/software that is on the market. Did you look at the Ipad’s when you were in the Apple store? I have some of my Low vision patients tell me that it is not bad. Windows 7 has some good accessibility programs on it, you just have to know how to access them.
    Good Luck!

  3. blindgator Says:

    Hi Deb, thanks for the comment. Yes, I am aware that Zoomtext doesnt work on the Mac, but their Voiceover seems better voice wise, and the zoom feature seemed pretty good. I am needing more of the voice now, and Zoomtext’s speech doesn’t always work on a lot of web pages, or even with gmail. I checked out the Ipad, but it is not for me, as I have an Iphone, and need something I can sit at my desk with all day.

  4. Robbin Says:

    Sometimes the best encouragement comes from a negative source. Go prove them wrong!! Obviously your readers know better.

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