Laugh For Sight South Florida A Recap

It’s hard to believe that three months have come and gone so quickly, and we have just completed the Laugh For Sight national expansion! Friday night, December 17 was our inaugural Laugh For Sight South Beach at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. The show was amazing as Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos came in from New Jersey, Bret Ernst came in from Los Angeles, and of course Nash and I came down from NYC. This was Laugh For Sight’s first venture to hosting our benefit at a hotel, as in the past we have always held the benefit at a comedy club. While we had been working on the preparations for month’s, we arrived at The Ritz on Thursday to get the final preparations in order. For those of you who have never planned an event, you would be amazed at everything that goes into it behind the scenes.

On Friday morning, we had a lot of press coverage to promote Laugh For Sight, as Rich Vos headed over to 105.9, Bret Ernst to ABC, and Bonnie and I to NBC for Today in Miami. The final days before any benefit is all about promotion. If I get any of the footage, I will get them posted up here.

Friday of course went by very quicly, and before we knew it, Friday night was here, and under Laugh For Sight was under way. The event started with a cokctail hour presented by Bacardi and a silent auction. We had a lot of great items up for bid, including Tim Tebow autographed jerseys, LeBron James autogrpahed jersey, Panama Jack Beach Cruise Bike, donated jewlery, New York Yankee stadium tour package, and more. We were also quite thankful to have Visionzone on hand as a sponsor, and we appreciate their continued support with the Laugh For Sight national expansion. The cocktail hour was a big hit, as people were able to meet with some of the comedians, and listen to a DJ spin.

The comedy show got started a little late, but we don’t like to feel rushed, so we are always fine with that as we do’t like anyone to feel rushed. Scott Wartham, the co-founder of Laugh For Sight was the first to take the stage and welcome everyone to Laugh For Sight. Scott then introduced everyone to Rich Vos, our host for the evening. It doesn’t get any better than Rich hosting the benefit, as he is amazing at working the room. I came up after Rich, and was followed by Bonnie McFarlane, America’s Sweetheart of Comedy imported from Canada. After Bonnie, it was on to Bret, and before we knew it, another Laugh For Sight was in the books. This show was a little smaller audience and performer wise, as it was the first time we held Laugh For Sight in a non-major comedy market, but the show was still a big hit.

It is strange, as now we don’t have another Laugh For Sight scheduled. We are not sure yet where Laugh For Sight will go in 2011, as while the benefits have been hugely popular, we need to reevaluate a lot of things. We will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

We want to thank The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach for hosting Laugh For Sight South Beach, my Mom Barbara Fischler for all the work she did promoting Laugh For Sight, and getting so many of her friends to attend. Scott Wartham, my partner in crime, and my eyes when Nash is sleeping. We want to thank VisionZone and Andre and Kelly. We would like to thank Panama Jack, Tim Tebow, Lebron James, Kramer Portraits, The  New York Yankees, and Bacardi. Without all of your kind donations, Laugh For Sight would not be able to raise as much money as we did. We would especially like to thank our comedians, Bret Ernst, Bonnie McFarlane, and Rich Vos. Your generosity and support of Laugh For Sight amazes me. Without your willingness to donate your time and talent, there wouldn’t be a Laugh For Sight.

One Response to “Laugh For Sight South Florida A Recap”

  1. Robbin Says:

    Congratulations! We really enjoyed the show in NY and are ready to buy our tix for 2011 when they go on sale.

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